Misguided Angels ATCs

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I am always looking for ways to use stuff up. There are things I have been clinging to for YEARS, without finding just the right way to make use of them. These stickers are a perfect example.

They are a combo of strips from a very very old Club Scrap kit -and I am ashamed to admit exactly how much of my CS kits remain unused – and some Magenta stickers that I just thought were really pretty. They kinda went together to me so I built up some backgrounds using them

They were just a tiny bit shiny – not shiny, more..semi-gloss I guess. So I scraped on a bit of gesso on to give them some tooth and make them more interesting

You can see at the top some collage images I planned to add – slightly western style dance hall gals

As soon as I saw them, the old Cowboy Junkies song Misguided Angel leapt into my head. That gave me my title. So now, this is interesting. I normally would have spent a bit of time looking closely at the lyrics of the song, probably picking out bits that would work for the text on my cards, typing them in to a program I use, fiddling with fonts for ages, printing them out, cutting them out, inking them, sticking them…but I didn’t. I just grabbed one of the Tim Holtz clipppings books and picked out my text from those. What’s wrong with me?? Am I finally going off making ATCs, maybe even a little? I might be. A WOYWW participant had something on her desk last week and it sent me off down a bit of a weird path. Not sure I am to the point I can share where that path is taking me quite yet, but maybe soon. I feel like I want to send her a note to say thanks before I share. Anyway, here they are, my Misguided Angels:

I quite like the lush, intent on behaving badly. Hard to see the gold glittery bit on the wings (Antique Linen stickles, another old product that has been hanging about for AGES) and the little tiny numbers make me think of them as trading cards! What an odd idea…

WOYWW tomorrow and I already tidied up one of my desks – not sure if I will get to the other one or not.

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