ATC trade fodder – all those extras make something!

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As much fun as it is sending out the ATCs, it is as much fun picking the “extras” to include. With very few exceptions, I usually get quite a bit of extra stuff in each envelope. As the vast majority of the swaps I have done are with people in the USA, that is even more impressive cause it costs a bit to mail.

Here are a few shots of the goodies I have amassed. I tend to keep them all in a plastic folder, which I sometimes draw from for my own extras:

But I had the idea to see if I could make a set (or multiple sets) of ATCs from just the trade extras. I duped it all out on the desk and sorted the goodies into loose piles of related items:

and I set aside the items that I knew were good for focal points on the cards or offered a “theme” – I had a quirky pile and a vintage pile.

I loved the old fashioned ladies, they were amazingly easy to cut out, and the colours very much fit in with the potential backgrounds I had. Within a very short time, no more than an hour, I had a set of vintage, snarky ATCs ready to go:

I realize I have postage stamps on three of the four and there is a perfect spot for on on the last card, and I have a large pile of those so I’ll probably add one and keep that as a unifying element. I think I had one set aside to add then just…forgot!

I think this was a lot of fun and I am keen to see if it is possible to do something with the “quirky” pile. Not sure I can, yet, as backgrounds, in particular, are now a bit thin on the ground – and the ones I do have are still more in the “vintage” style. There are a few trades outstanding still so I may have to wait for my next visit from the postie and see. But I really love this sort of challenge to myself and these last few days have been a little on the stressful side so it was fun to tune out and focus on something purely for fun.

Busy weekend ahead….

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