Dither, dither, dither – for a contest!

Not one with a real prize or anything, I treat them more like a challenge,but one of the FB swap groups I am part of has a monthly contest. The “winner” is drawn at random, so no skill required LOL! Still I like to do my best. This month the challenge theme is GEMS. I had loads of ideas, many of which were a total fail. I knew I wanted to use this half-tone die and fill the holes.

None of them really worked, but when I combines the sequins with a gem topper, I liked that pretty well.

I messed around with combos and placement and in the end it looked like this!

Gosh the gems do not look sparkly in the least in a photo. As ever, a slight tilt helps a LOT:

That is just the first – I can do two. The other one is a collage image of the Red Queen from Alice and some pearls, because, well, the quote!

I enhanced the collage image with some gold glitter pen and shadowing an while I wish I picked a thicker font so the white letters stand out a bit more, overall I like it a lot.

I cannot believe it’s WOYWW again tomorrow! Best tidy up that desk. It’s a tip!