The risks of swapping ATCs internationally

Oh I am so very sad! I always take my envelopes with ATCs in them to the post office for mailing and to ensure that the thickness fits the Large letter/Small letter requirements. I have mailed a ton of them out (20 or more) and gotten quite a few ATCs back, but yesterday the unthinkable happened. I had mailed a couple of ATC coins off to The Netherlands. At the local Post Office it was deemed the right thickness and the “standard” to Europe postage of £1.70. The woman took it from me at the counter and dropped it in the bag. I received the coins from the person who mailed to me in very good time and she was super generous, sending more than I expected. Then she sent me a message asking what the envelope looked like. I sent an image of maybe the one I used (I have a few) that I print out when I need to mail something

and then she explained why – apparently her post man, hiding the envelope from her view, told her that there was postage due of £3.60 (!!) and would not let her see the envelope but insisted she pay before she could look at it. She refused and he took the letter away. The coins inside may very well now end up in the bin in some foreign country.

Wwwaaahhhhh! I am at a loss. Is it the mailman who is dodgy here? Is he trying to pry some money out of someone? Is it my local PO that bollocksed it up with the postage somehow? Was this not my envelope but some other one (seems the most unlikely scenario) or something else entirely? In the end I felt so bad I had a go at making another set. Not sure they are as good, but it’s something anyway:

I wonder if this is a sign to move on? Ya gotta wonder…. I really need to at the very least figure out what to do with these birds I watercoloured. I didn’t use them on the swatch backgrounds but they are very cute and need to find a home!

Darn it. I am enjoying this process and making the small art pieces and I am angry this happened.

Grrrr. I just needed to vent for a bit.