Watercolour ATCs – a struggle


I had an idea for making a set of ATCs using my watercolours. I enjoyed the swatching process a week or so back and thought it might provide a nice base for some cards

Keeping the lines straight was the first challenge! Once I had the whole sheet full of blobs of colour I used an ATC sized window to audition areas. The swatches were all a bit random so just cutting them to size as a grid was not really going to work. And at least one card ended up being seriously wonky to the point of being unusable as a base. Once I cut the cards, I doodled a bit with some white gel pen, ome black Micron pen and some gold ink and a dip pen.

But then I really struggled with the toppers. Would it be just text? and image? would it be stamped over? I did photo two of the most promising options:

I liked the birds as they were watercoloured as well, but in the end the quirky people spoke to me louder LOL!

It isn’t obvious, but the words were available as…well, WORDS, but I preferred them as LETTERS so, yeah, I cut them all apart, inked all four edges of each letter block then stuck them back together as words. Cause that’s how I roll…. LOL!

Now what next? I don’t know but I have some ideas….

Some of my traded ATCs have begun to land in the USA – I have yet to receive any back yet. I hope I do soon. I am anxious to see that international mailings are problem free….

5 thoughts on “Watercolour ATCs – a struggle

  1. I love them! Colourful artistic cards always appeal to me.
    Do you want to trade with me?
    Have a wonderful and happy weekend!
    Sussie in Sweden

  2. Ooooohhhhh, I just LOVE those ATCs – I’m so going to steal this idea! You are right in your comment on my blog (thanks for that by the way!) we ARE on the same wavelenght!! Enjoy your weekend lovely one. Hug from Holland, Marit #2

    • OMGosh! I absolutely love how these turned out. They’re gorgeous. I don’t create ATCs but I sure do love them, and now you’ve got me thinking….. If these were mine, I’d have a hard time sending them out. 😊

      • Thanks 🙂 But hey, if you craft AT ALL you can make ATCs and it is amazing fun to open the mail every day to little tiny pieces of art. You should have a go 🙂

  3. “Great base for your cards,Love them”!!!!I`m going to do this also,thanx so much!

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