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Absurd Birds ATCs

Just a quick set of ATCs today. Lots going on, as ever. I realize I never shared these and yet have traded most of them already! They are backgrounds from a book about flower arranging I grabbed from the SCOPE shop when picking darling daughter up from her volunteer time there, and printed images from a collage kit. The text is from a collection of “surreal” quotes – as opposed to quotes about surrealism. Very different!

Only He Spoke Fire, He Runs, and Runs Again and Shadows Collect are still available. I really must stop adding text as individual words. Tedious for sure, but I do love this font with these images.

I am still quite keen to follow thru on something I mentioned a while back, melding a LifeBook class with an idea for a set of ATCs. I may find time to work on them later today and maybe share soon. And I need to check on the LB classes again to see if I am tempted by anything newly released. I think I missed out on a Wanderlust discount so not sure if I will follow thru on that or not. Honestly, my track record with even classes I PAID for is rubbish and I have 100 free classes queued up tooso it seems madness to even consider adding another pressure point! But we’ll see….