WOYWW 640!


Happy WOYWW all! Last week’s WOYWW seemed to be riddled with technical issues so fingers crossed this week it will be back to normal. Let’s see – what is there to talk about…I am still into the ATC thing. I am really enjoying nearly daily Happy Mail from all over the world trades. My desk, as of yesterday, was in a bit of a state.

Perhaps not as bad as it could have been but not tidy in the least. The trimmed is acting up a LOT and I’ve ordered a couple of new ones but although I have had a notice it was shipped in the 30th, nothing has arrived yet and when I check the site, it tells me I have placed no orders! I did one of the online contact forms and no reply as yet. Annoying. Other stuff is all collage fodder, and did result in a set of cards that I really like a lot:

Keen eyed British folk might recognize the text. I found it amusing that Tim Holtz and Timmy, the dog from the Famous Five books share a name, and that bit of (exact) text from The Famous Five – Five Run Away Together worked so perfectly on that card with Tim Holtz paper dolls! Made me laugh anyway. I call the series Bad to the Bbbone but it probably should have been Bbbad to the Bbbone, as I sing it in my head. Ah well.

If anyone is a at all interested in trading coins or cards, I have added a page with my currently available items at the top.

And speaking of trades, I did a set of oddly shaped coins and traded one of them with WOYWW mate Bishopsmate! Here is hers:

Pink is indeed good. And these two really made me smile, from a trade in a Facebook group:

Let’s see…If You HAD to… cards for the week:

Seems like hair-trigger harpoon arms are pretty deadly, and having to make multiple trips to the store is good exercise, so a clear choice for me. How about you? And a final shot of my desk after a good clear up – much better!

My junk journal (that I am managing to write in most mornings, well on my way to establishing that habit) and a pile of cut but not decorated ATC card bases. What’s on YOUR desk? Do share, I’m dyin’ to have a look….

15 thoughts on “WOYWW 640!

  1. Yes, it’s so much fun doing atc´s!

    When I was active on Flickr, I exchanged about 500 atc´s with people from all corners of the world.

    The postman must have thought I was a celebrity! 😉

    Have fun!
    Sussie nr 31

  2. Because I am late I got a good view of your latest ATC’s. You linked to your blog and not the woyww post, so I got a double view this morning.
    The difference in your desk is amazing, and the ‘tidy’ one reminded me that I said i would make an open spine junk journal today – thanks for that – a goodly reminder.
    Hugs, Neet 17 xx

  3. Well done on writing in your junk journal every day!
    Love your ATCS – from the colour scheme to the captions!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #23
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  4. I love your ATC’s! The paper doll images really match the words! Hopefully the company you are dealing with isn’t keeping your money as well…Now if I were to choose, yes, it would be bags, because I could always pull around a wagon! And I couldn’t hold my granddaughter with harpoon arms! Have a great week, Lindart #29

  5. No, harpoon arms for me, I’m too accident-prone! I’d probably kill some one. And how would I craft??? I’d use an old baggy jumper as a bag.., I love the idea of swapping ATC’s but am rubbish at remembering who’s swapped what and from who? Keep on Crafting! Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #24

  6. Love the use of the famous five quotes on the ATCs! Take care and stay safe, With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#13)

  7. Great ATCs! Hmmm… harpoon arms. Sounds intriguing! Have a great week!
    Carol N #26

  8. Your cards are fantastic visually and I love how you gave those kids personalities, albeit not very nice ones! The ones you received are great too and the slogans made me chuckle. I think they may be from the Tim Holtz idea-ology stickers collection, snarky remarks or something – must get me some of those! Happy WOYWW! xx zsuzsa #22

  9. Fab ATC’s – and I like the little octagonal mousie one too. xx Jo

  10. I LOVED today’s post, the last two ATCs made me laugh out loud!! And the Enid Blyton quotes took on a certain sinisterness (is that a word?) taken out of context but work perfectly with the images! Loved the Pink is Good from Christine too, made me smile as she is the Pink Queen.
    And harpoon arms should definitely be a thing….
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  11. “Harpoon arms!” Sounds like an Anthony Horovitch novel I read. Very scary. Imaging going on holiday wearing everything on the plane! Happy WOYWW Angela #11

  12. I used to make a lot of ATCards and these are brilliant. I have to go walking the dogs soon but I’ll pop back later and have a look at the link. The sun is shining and it looks like being a lovely woyww day so hope yours is happy and full of smiles x19x

  13. Never one to go with the flow . . . . I quite fancy some harpoon arms.
    I could lose some weight and shoot those neighbours who, after receiving texts asking to cut down on water usage, go out and clean their cars, and their frontages, and their windows & frames, and their pavements and their gutters . . . shall I go on or will you send me the harpoons?!?!?!
    Loving all the swapping, had a look at your new page, rather fancy the green coin at the end . . .

  14. well shopping without a car and no bags either would be time consuming, but the better option i reckon! great atcs. Have a good week Helen#1

  15. Definitely the no bags for me as well Mary Anne. Love the ATCs you have made. SOrry if I have said anything to upset you. Hope your new trimmer arrives soon. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW> Sarah #?

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