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Yet more ATCs – Bad Veggie Puns

I had a selection of stuff hanging about on my desk.

There are some figures stamped on book pages, some circles cut out of an old Waitrose calendar, come ATC backs covered with printed digital paper… I was forming an idea. I felt like the larges figure (at the far right, partially obscured) was both too big, and not in keeping with the others, so I scaled back to a set of four. In the end I rather liked them!

For those who noted my post from yesterday, I am sticking to the working on my junk journal first thing – it’s been all of three days LOL! – but it only takes… how many times? for something to become a habit? OMG! 2 MONTHS. Well, I guess that is why the 100 days project is handy. If I would have carried on with some form of journaling every day after that, I would have had the habit ingrained in me, but I let it slip. {sigh} So in two months I MIGHT have the habit again. Anyone want to bet WITH me, r is your money safer betting AGAINST me? Long time readers will know the clear answer to THAT…