WOYWW 639 – time flies…..

Happy WOYWW. Time is rocketing by at the speed of light recently. Can’t believe where we are in the calendar. Crikey. My desk is tidy because I have been quite busy with not-crafty things. Bra shopping for my darling daughter, a couple of also shielded people coming for a visit (not as shielded as we all once were but everyone with reason to be a bit more careful than most) and lots of pre-start of school prep . I still find time to work early morning, when all still sleep, but it isn’t as much time as I’d like. Both desks looking good.

On one desk we have my bottles of glue and free-flowing matt-medium used for sticking that both need re-filling. I will take a moment to add a tip that I always do when I am dealing with glue! After filling the bottles, I makes sure I wipe the threads on both the bottle and the screw on lid carefully with a wet wipe, then rub just a bit of Vaseline around both. This keeps the any stray glue from sealing the bottle and lid. I also do the large tub of matt medium – and I do this with my tubs of gesso as well!

I also have a little pile of foodie photos from a Waitrose calendar of years past. I thought they might make interesting additions to my ATC coins.

Not quite 2.5 inches but still potentially useful. On the desk-by-the-window is the beginnings of a “magazine journal” but I first have to address my much ignored junk journal. More on that in a post tomorrow, even if today is a sort of goal day regarding that!

Finally, let’s see what terrible choices we have in the If You HAD to… cards. Do tell me which you think is the worst option! Sometimes’ it’s obvious, but not always…

Both seem pretty bad, but I can’t even imagine what being on meth might be like – having watched Breaking Bad it doesn’t sound good, so that one is my worst pick!

Hope you all have a lovely crafty day!