Just another set of ATCs

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I am really exploring how best to use my new stash of Crowabout Studio B printables and it is so much fun. I saw that one YouTuber talk about how she does it, but her method is to print the collage sheets then cut out all the elements and store them for current or future use. I go a different way. I usually compile the images I think I want to use onto a single sheet, using the .png images, which I can them size for exactly what I need. Here is a too small to print and have it be useful (copyright and all that) sample of what I mean:

and then start cutting to assemble. I didn’t manage to get the elements precisely right so I do have quite a bit of leftover stuff:

I started with some paper for the background which I stamped and enhanced to fit my vision and ended up with these:

I considered figuring how I might replace the reversed text from flipping the owls but in the end decided they were fine as is. I like them a lot – I call the series Side-eye Owls and I have already traded all but one of them. A closer look:

I think I might document my process a bit better and share that, especially given the Mischief Circus site where I got the downloads is shutting on 12th Sept! If you are at all interested I would say dash on over and grab some bits while you can. Not sure when I am going to get tired of ATC coins and cards. I am really enjoying making and trading them for now.

One thought on “Just another set of ATCs

  1. I make a lot of mine for swapping with a uk group. They have monthly prompts- two for ATCs and two for Coins – which you can choose to enter, and a partner swap which is a free choice although part of the condition of joining.
    When I want to be inspired and adventure some (!!) I join in with swaps at ATCs For All which is a world Group. The rules are pretty strict and descriptions can be very detailed. This group also swaps coins, index cards, papers and at one time, had a washi tape swap! This group is very friendly and helpful. Their subject matters range across mixed media, watercolour, even ballpoint pens!!
    Hope this info helps. Might be worth having a look at this second group…..
    BTW love the owls.

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