Decidedly Quirky ATCs


As you will have seen back on Tuesday, the Crowabout digital images are a ton of fun. I decided to combine the quirky words and some of the creatures (some as they are, some created from bits) to top those masterboard ATCs.

I rather enjoy cutting stuff out. All the way back in my scrapbooking days, I was an avid letter-cutter-outer. Microtip scissors are the key. I gotta say I really love these cards. Not sure if you want to see all the close ups, but I took ’em so I’m gonna share ’em. Here is an overview so you can skip the detail if you like:

And three by three:

I have another use for the images that I think will be fun but I have to work out the details. I will, but it is taking a bit of time….

3 thoughts on “Decidedly Quirky ATCs

  1. LOVE these ATCs!

  2. Ohh Mary Anne, those ATC’s are super cute!! Love, love the little creatures! So cute! And, by the way, YOUR backgrounds are yummy toooo! 🙂 The background goodies on mine are indeed metallic..crackle paste! I love that stuff! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my desk and sorry about getting around so late today!! It’s been a whirlwind at work! I love your funny about “felting in the forest!” Too cute and yes indeed, I can’t wait to felt in the forest! LOL Blessings Mary Anne, Felicia #21

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