WOYWW 638 – a new card game and a mess, then a tidy


Happy WOYWW y’all! Another knitting day but I will hit all the desks on show before that begins! Oh my desk was in a right state after the masterboard/ATC card backs play of yesterday. I did a rubbish job of taking process photos, but really I am beginning to think it doesn’t really matter that much. I don’t do videos, people don’t come to my blog for step-by-step instructions (not usually, anyway) and I know from experience that you can’t follow someone else’s process and get the results they do. You are always going to bring yourself into the mix. You can probably pick out the stuff I used (I listed it yesterday if you can’t)

And here is the final masterboard again, and the final ATC card bases.

Now, what to top them with?! Always tricky, but I have an idea (look back to yesterday for a hint!) that I think will be just the ticket.

But first, a tidy. So much easier to work without the chaos.

I have been feeling a little guilty that Kyla started the MBD card thing and I copied her. I have always loved them and when I found a full set for like £2 at the local SCOPE shop I snatched them up. But they are her thing and I think they should stay her thing. Finding a different card-drawing game that looked fun at the same SCOPE shop reinforced that! Here it is:

It actually smelled totally new when I opened it, and maybe it was. I think it’s a hoot. So I will share the 2-card draws and you can pick between them. As the box says, If you HAD to… choose between:

what would you pick? Technically this isn’t how you play the game – you are meant to justify why YOUR card flip is the worst one. To be honest both of these are pretty bad, but one seems way worse than the other….right? RIGHT? Happy WOYWW!

12 thoughts on “WOYWW 638 – a new card game and a mess, then a tidy

  1. These are super ATC backgrounds!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #5
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  2. Like you I enjoy making masterboards and I do like to see how others make there’s. I watch how others make there’s but agree with you that it’s not really possible to copy them exactly – the chances of me having the same materials are pretty low and different materials are always going to be different. And that’s okay by me – I like similar but different. Love all your finished ATCs seen in today’s post. Your new game is intriguing but I agree with you that one choice is definitely worse than the other but neither are good. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #24

  3. Love it all. And…what would you do!? Most of my family are gone anyway… the impossible one I guess!

    Happy woyww! I’m missing it this week. Still can’t link or even get into Julia’s without warnings!

  4. Love the ATC backgrounds and the desk before (messy) and after (tidy). Not sure about the card game – both of those sound pretty awful to me (I would choose the first if I really had to, but yuk)!! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe, With Love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#15)

  5. I definitely would not play that round of If You Had To… Love your ATCs. I often get inspiration from others projects but my projects rarely looks like the inspiration piece. I almost always tidy my desk between projects. Anyway, thanks for popping by and have a great week.
    Carol N #19

  6. Nice ATC’s.
    I always feel that if you post something/teach something (craftwise) that people can always improve on what you have done because you have given them the basic idea ,which has probably taken you hours to think up, then plan and finally execute. So it’s easy to improve on what you have done. Here I am talking about me and what I do/have done in the past if you follow.
    If I sound muddled I’ve just got back from the chiropractor.
    Hugs Anyway, Needt xx8

  7. That’s an interesting game . . . don’t know if I could choose, I would probably pass on this round!
    Have a good day
    Christine #14

  8. The worst has to be a reality show they disappear quickly on our TV, hate them but love ATCs. Great work with the Masterboard. Happy and creative woyww, Angela x9x

  9. I’d lie outrageously and opt for the second card, no one believes those reality shows anyway! Great masterboarding there, the ATCs are fab and I agree about not showing the process of making, I’m rubbish at remembering to take pics!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xx

  10. The ATC card bases are fab. I love the old newspaper look and the honeycomb stamping. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  11. Happy WOYWW and thank you for your earlier visit. Firstly, those cards – obviously I would be forced to choose the first one, but that does sound really horrible. Just imagine how annoying it would be! Alcohol inks. I actually didn’t have any for the workshop (my original small collection from 2004 had been given away, as I was never using them). However, the workshops are held in a local craft shop, so we were left a box of inks to choose from. There was a special offer too if you bought 3, and there was a metallic set for a special price, so I ended up getting them, plus 9 others! I now have a nice selection of colours for future projects. Yes, it is nice to have some family close by. However, our other 2 grandchildren are a 5 hour drive away, and all of my family a similar distance. We do intend to move more centrally in the UK in the next few years. Ali x #2

  12. I think I prefer the MBD cards but I do get where you’re coming from. I like the atcs. I was in a bit of a rush yesterday so will need to go back and re-read the post to find out your hint about what you’re planning next! happy WOYWW Helen #3

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