ATC backgrounds from a masterboard

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I always love making masterboards. The problem always is that I take a lot of time making them but when I am in mid-flow, I am rubbish at taking photos of the steps. I have seen 100s of stunning masterboards (many on WOYWW desks) and even when I see the steps I can NEVER re-create them.

So here is mine mid-process:

I can talk you thru it, but I feel like most people would be able to guess.

  • I started with a layer of collage, using a ton of really, really old collage elements, some printed on slick paper.
  • I covered that with a layer of gesso
  • I covered THAT with a layer of sewing pattern tissue
  • and covered that with a mix of transparent and warm yellow paint, brayered over the top.

I am at the point where I will be adding the stamping and stenciling to give it some depth, add a bunch of spatters, maybe adding a pop of some colour, purple or red, maybe, and then I think I will cut them and edge them with a thick edging of gold – maybe pain, maybe embossing, not sure yet.

I have stumbled across a fun site that has LOADS of interesting images. Just the kind I like – lots of arty, quirky things, sometimes fully assembled and sometimes in bits that you can assemble yourself. It’s called Mischief Circus and it is disappearing soon. That is why I was doing a back up over the weekend. Having found a bunch of stuff (all discounted over the original price) that I simply adore, I have binge-downloaded a ton. There is quite a range – I got both the Hotel Hell characters AND the Soul Sisters. Diametrically opposed in tone, but both speak to me!

Without a doubt, the Crowabout Studio stuff is my favourite, and the WOOT series is 100% going to appear in a project very soon. Isn’t it glorious?

That kit is UNDER $3. I mean c’mon! No idea where these things will be available once it closes, but the prices are pretty close to 1/2 the original. There is A LOT there and it will take you a while just to browse thru it all but if this looks like your kind of thing, hop on over and see what you can find. I am thinking those images, so bright and colourful, with be a perfect foil for the vintage tones of my masterboard. I need to print and cut and test them out! Watch this space…

One thought on “ATC backgrounds from a masterboard

  1. Love Hotel Hell, can’t wait to see what you do with them.

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