I said I wouldn’t – Janet Klein images


Over the WOYWW weeks I have seen so many cards etc. with cute little big-eyed Janet Klein images on them. I thought they were cute, but in the best kind of weird way. But I swore I would not succumb and buy the stamps. Somehow while looking for something unrelated, I was directed to the Etsy shop that sells digital versions. That was a rabbit hole I should not have dived in to. I was rather restrained, I think I bought four things. One of them was a set of fish. I love fishy images, and in my head the words “Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads..” are always playing when I am working with them. Can’t help it. I had a bit of found poetry that I wanted to use for some ATC coins, but the fish needed teeth. Not all the ones from the set had them, but luckily as they were digital it was easy enough to add them:

Now that they are all lovely and toothsome the rest was a breeze. I coloured some spike-y scallop circles with a few sea-shades of Distress Oxides and layers on some stamps and some spatters for my base – I used a scrap of tracing paper to mop up all the DO left on my mat

After colouring all the fish with my Copics I die cut some leafy fronds from the tracing paper to add to the coins, layering but not so as to obscure the fish. Mostly the Copics worked fine on the printed images

except for the purple fish. Purple always did bleed, I remember that from before. A little surgery, a reprinted eye only, and…

All of them:

So cute, but deadly LOL!

Haven’t named the series yet. Maybe by tomorrow… WOYWW and OMG do I need to clean!

4 thoughts on “I said I wouldn’t – Janet Klein images

  1. They are great and funny. Love what you made with them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. OH my goodness, I love your toothy little fishies ! I love your creative process. Irissavedbygrace

  3. Welcome to the world of Janet Klein. The worst thing you can do is join her facebook group …. first hand information on new releases!!!!
    Over the years, I have found that her images are the best for fussy cutting, another bonus.
    Love those fish. . No. . . I’m buying her ‘Housework’ one next . ..
    Happy WOYWW
    Christine – not linked yet

    • I have the Housewives one! Did a post a while back about altering them, turning the teacups into hats 🙂 I don’t really like FB and pretty much only join private groups so while it sounds interesting if it’s public. I probably won’t 🙂

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