LifeBook class – the accompanying mini-journal

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So, the little “no-sew mini art journal” from the class is actually one of the one sheet zine style books. I found the istructions a little hard to follow, but maybe because I have made so many of this style booklet, some with way more pages, and I have in my head the way to make them. I looked thru that stash of rubbish and found another over-spray sheet that was A3 and decided that would be what I made my booklet out of. I used the 16 square option, to make a booklet with 16 pages/faces to decorate. I wish I could recall where I found this image, but basically, it’s this. If you recognize it, do let me know.

Again, my sheet was A3, and I have made these from many different shaped and sized rectangles

this final book is about 3 x 4 -ish.

And here is where the text, and a few other quotes from Kurt, came in to play. I messed up a page and some of the text is edited or re-arranged, but the sentiment is still there. and I love how it turned out. All the stamps are by Teesha Moore.

I spied a little bit of a clear sleeve on my desk, and fashioned that into a holder for the book – and the book will sit happily at the back of the bowl piece as a little surprise.

The quote bears repeating:

Creativity flows from deep within, a raging torrent so powerful it will destroy if kept in check, or restrained in any way.

And while I am at it, the little image on the bowl also has a good quote but it is tiny and hard to read. It says:

Sailing on the edge of creativity.

So, there you go. I learned a lot from this whole process and I found it quite useful. I made art that I love, and is uniquely my own, with only the barest influence of the original class (and the words of the letter, and the stamps – what part of using them made it mine, in putting them together in the exact way I did, is a discussion for another day LOL!) and that class was one I was dead set against even attempting. Lesson learned. I can take SOMETHING from every class, even it is is not at all what the teacher intended. And I am OK with that.

It took a long time to make this book. and my desk is littered with little stamps and all sorts of other stuff I used to make it. Time for a pre-WOYWW tidy up. Then on to the next class. I may need to do a jar, and pull the classes at random…

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