The Happy Owl – Lifebook again.

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I am determined. Like I mentioned, I quite liked my Quirky Bird so I thought I would try the Happy Owl. This is a much more realistic (but still not actually realistic IYKWIM) bird and as ever, the teacher is amazing at guiding you thru the drawing – although she also adds a traceable PDF as well. This is honest to god, my first attempt, right in my journal. You can tell because it is really a little too far over to the left, but I like all the rest of it so I am not going to erase and re-do. For me, this is a pretty good effort!

The first thing was to select my colours. The teacher used something called analogous- complementary colour scheme that she says is less well-know. So much less well-known that there is not a lot of info out there. It looks basically like you take your three analagous colours then take the compliment from directly across the wheel. Once again, her colours may be the very best choices, warm orange, peach and red plus a lovely blue-green teal. So I (obviously) had to find another colour combo. I have been quite drawn to purple and lime recently but that didn’t go great with the journal page so I just picked out colours I liked, that had some contrast, with the idea I could tweak them as I paint. I used the Kuler colour wheel tool to do it. A couple of options, close to the original but not exact. Can’t decide which I like better:

There is a whole exercise that has a bunch of the airy fairy new-age-y stuff that irks me and she does say feel free to ignore it.

Listen to your higher self/ inner wisdom or ‘the wisdom of the owl’ when answering your questions.

The idea is that we imbue the painting with our intentions and for the owl to safeguard and support our intentions for the year.

I’mma gonna do that. Ignore it, I mean. I am at the point where I have collected my supplies (pan watercolours and pencils) and I am ready to crack on. And I am terrified I’ll squander my good start. I am torn between doing a test version on another sheet of paper, to see if my colour combo works well, and just going for it. If I were more confident with watercolours I would know which way to go. Maybe just swatch the colours using my watercolour set and see? That seems like a plan!

Really, it shouldn’t be so darn HARD should it? So I made a start but not sure if I am heading in the right direction yet. It is maybe looking to o similar to the original. Oh well.

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