That LB Owl is done and…


…I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. I used a plethora of supplies and some of them, especially the watercolour pencils, were a disappointment. I’ve never really used the pencils but the ones I have are cheap and not very pigmented. They seem quite … waxy, really.

Anyway, I wish I had grabbed a shot of the piece when it had just the first of the watercolour work on it, cause it was quite misty and nicely blended and I really liked it at that point. But no, I carried on and added all the extra stuff the class had and since I am pretty crap at doodling, I didn’t really like it. Having said that, I like it better in the photo than I did at first.

It’s not AWFUL, and looking at the gallery for others who have done the class, I feel like it sits kinda in the middle on the Good –>> Less Good scale (IMHO only.) But it doesn’t make me super happy either. I was thinking back on an….essay? No, that’s not right, a letter, I remember reading a few years back from a famous author to a group of school kids about art. I’ll find it. The lessons in it always stuck with me and having that swirling around in my head informed my next decision, as well as a project I have begun, from another LB class.

So, yeah, my lettering was a bit crap, partly because my Posca black fine-nib pen does need replacing and I tried to be brave and do it with the wide nib. Bad idea. Anyway, it says what it needs to say and even if it is something I will flip past quickly as I page thru my journal, it is an important step in my Life Book journey, I think. And I’ll share more on that when my project is done.

Tomorrow, if I get another experiment done today, I will share a substitute for a retired product that might work out ok. Not holding my breathe, but I have something coming in the mail I am anxious to test out. And then, for the summer, I am 100% taking Sundays off for a breather. I might have to resurrect Sunday-Someplace-Else, where I would highlight something I found that really inspired me or made me smile or I just thought was cool.

3 thoughts on “That LB Owl is done and…

  1. Beautiful Owl – clean and bright – Love her Cheers Maurs xxx

  2. I think its great. Fun and the test is good. I really like it.

  3. I think she is lovely and bright and you should be very pleased.

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