WOYWW 634 – fun stamps


Happy cooler weather WOYWW! Much more comfortable desk-hopping from my upstairs craft space when the weather isn’t 30+ degrees thank you very much.

Not a lot going on on my desk this week. I have found another LifeBook class after more fully exploring the ones on offer, that I might have a go at but at this point I am still considering. The journal I am using for those pages is there on the left. But what else is there?

I saw those stamps on some WOYWW desk and now I forget whose it was! I thought they were just quirky and cute (rather than sickly sweet and cute, which is very much NOT my thing) and as so often happens when desk hopping, I could see a ton of uses for them for birthday cards for many friends, especially the ewe, for so many knitting mates.

I had to have them but the £18-£20+ price I was seeing was more than I felt I wanted to spend. Google showed me a place I have never seen before, Supermart, which listed prices in ££. When I was going thru the ordering process, as I often do, to get thru the point so that I could see what the shipping would be, and nothing got added! The package itself came with no customs declaration, the shipped from info was QUITE tiny, but clearly says GB. The cost was about £12. It took about 3 weeks, which isn’t awful, and well worth it for the reduced cost.

My other desk, where I staged the MBD cards last week, is also in a bit of a state, as that is where I was working on the art journal pages from yesterday:

So really that only leaves my computer desk for the cards. I am running out of clean spaces…time for another full tidy for next week. Mustn’t backslide…. First time since I’ve pulled five cards where all five go together to make a reasonable headline! Dithered between this and Last Czar Sues Crazy Blond, but blondes get enough bad press, don’t they?

The upside down gorilla is because the oversized mouse-mat is great, but the mouse works better on the plain black part. The blue gorilla seems to confuse it and the cursor scoots all over the place if I have it the right way round.

So there we go, another WOYWW gone and crikey the year is going fast. And we have been perilously close to the January peak in cases here in the UK, if not deaths. When will the lesson finally sink in? This is not anywhere near over and we cannot get back to normal. I read there is a study going on in the USA on vaccine effectiveness for immune-compromised people (like me) in addition to the one in the UK. It will be very interesting to see that data. I know I don’t feel safe out and about, not yet, and I see very little evidence that Boris’ hope that people will take personal responsibility to protect the most vulnerable has been shown to be justified. But I AM willing to take the steps I feel I need to to protect myself. So to riff off the old saying East, West, inside home’s best. For now.

Happy WOYWW to all.

15 thoughts on “WOYWW 634 – fun stamps

  1. Happy WOYWW week ! I’m behind but have the time. Enjoyed your post and the last one on the 2 sided medallion. The stamps are really fun, my grand kids would love them. Our hot heat is gone, wonderful day out with a nice breeze, we had lunch in town to raise money for Fair grounds/museum upkeep etc. Was great, saw so many people to chat with. We are hearing of high numbers on the new strain covid in big city areas our rural area remains low for now, ..I’ve no issue with wearing masks Inside, but not doing it outdoors. Distancing, sunshine and fresh air, good ways to stay healthy. And the 99.2 % USA unvaccinated is WAY mis information. HERE they are NOT reporting actual FACTS. Media/Govt want EVERYONE vaccinated and use scare tactics . Most are unsure what this shot is made from and what happens down the road with it. Now they’re talking a 3rd shot to be sure it helps with this powerful new strain (another tactic.) Stay Safe and enjoy the things you love.

  2. That stamp set is super and seems like a bargain…
    Going to look at your next post now
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #7
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  3. It’s cooler here now and we’re expecting rain which is a blessing – making the craftroom more comfortable to work in. The garden is screaming out for water ( I can’t hear the screaming but I can imagine). That stamp set is, at £18, a bit pricey for me too. Glad you found a cheaper source. Here in Scotland we’re taking a slower route to normal but even so I’m still very wary of going out and mixing with the hoards. Seems to me there’s too much relaxing of the advice on social distancing and mask wearing for me to feel safe. I’ve read your post today and you lost me at sigl but I liked your finished piece. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #22

  4. Nice stamp set – I used to get lots from and somewhere else in America that was really good price wise. Well worth looking at their sites (if I remember the other I will let you know). (Noticed Helen above – yes, they are genuine and not copies like AliExpress and Wish)
    Am with you on th4e covid safety – went into Preston centre today on way to chiropractor and would say it’s about 50/50 wearing masks or maybe 60/40 against. Noticed two buses and not one passenger was wearing a mask! Poor do!
    Be choosy where you go until the effect of F day are out certainly.
    Hugs, Neet 8 xx

  5. Gosh, I’ve got so much to say, it would be better to just send an email LOL! First off I love that journal cover, such rich colours! I know what you mean by quirky cute as opposed to sickly cute! Not my thing either. Supermart are based in the US – they must have a forwarding depo in the UK – I often buy from them on Amazon. I reckon they send a bulk package to the UK and then someone distributes the orders by domestic mail. I think Brexit was a good thing for UK/US trade links like that. I also started buying things on which seems to have a similar set-up to Amazon with a lot of US sellers posting to UK. Re vaccine effectiveness: I saw stats out of the US saying that 99.2% of deaths in June were unvaccinated! That number is only 60% in the UK, which makes you wonder whether the vaccines used in the US are more effective? I know there could be lots of other factors as well, but still that’s a huge difference in numbers! I must say I don’t feel entirely safe returning to the office – even though I sit there by myself, I still have to use the communal areas (it’s in a shared office building). If I had a choice, I would just stay at home. Re: Man Bites Dog – works well the other way around too: Crazy Blonde Sues Last Czar! Unrelated: I was googling Letraset’s Safmat paper the other day and I found this post of yours from 11 years ago: That’s exactly what I want to use it for – I still have a few sheets from years ago, but they don’t make it any more – and I can’t find anything that’s nearly as good! Still on the look-out… Let me know if you know of an alternative. Enjoy the cooler temperatures! xx zsuzsa #16

    • How interesting. And how sad, seeing Shaz replied to that post of mine and now she is gone. Nothing ever leaves the internet, does it? I think I still have a bit in my stash but only scraps. Not sure I have ever seen a replacement for it. Sad, it was useful stuff.

  6. I had to look again again at the stamps because I thought the sheep was a dog at first :). I also got distracted with “riff off” as I hadn’t come across that term before. I did understand your meaning of it, but Googled it any way. One explanation said “Riff Off is slang and I advise you never to use it” – I hate that kind of explanation! Apparently it comes either from sport or Jazz or the film Pitch Perfect! Happy WOYWW Angela #9

  7. Yep, I don’t feel like gallivanting out with the great GB public much either, though I am doing a few more things, I’m being very careful. I like those stamps having previously detested the TH Crazy animals, those are different somehow, they’re cute!
    Take acre and enjoy doing your pottering/life book!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

  8. I love the stamp set – I can’t remember seeing that one before. I have a room in the roof too so am very happy the weather has cooled down a bit, it was impossible to work up there last week.
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana xx #13

  9. The stamps do look like fun and I look forward to seeing how you use them. We had to go into town on Monday as we needed to go to the bank and I can tell you I didn’t like it. We are not going to know the true numbers that are catching covid now that the schools have closed for the summer as the children are not being tested and that’s a large number of people that will now be free to pass it around unknowingly. Hope you find time to do some stamping soon. Happy woyww, Angela 14x

  10. Yep, home and caution are the order of the day for you. I’ve been to a couple more places since rules were removed, but in one case we took only look at the number of people involved and didn’t even get out of the car! Just taken a test so I can go see me mother, thank god for them, huh! I LOVE your life book, took me longer than it should have to browse the pics this morning, what a great job. Result with the stamps…made me smile, my sis uses ‘silly goose’ as an expression, I may have to follow your lead! I don’t see chaos at all, but you’re right, don’t let it slide. It S the perfect job to do whilst you weigh up the pro and cons of another Lifebook course!

  11. East West, Home’s Best works for me too at the moment, Mary-Anne, apart from my Sunday venture onto the village green, where I was one of the few masked.
    It does seem crazy, that we’re in such a state and not taking any protective measures.
    I search like you for better deals and I’m glad you found one for your stamps.
    Anyway, stay safe and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 4

  12. Hi Mary Anne – I remember seeing those stamps too – but I am now trying just to use what I have before delving into more purchases… look forward to seeing your projects with them. Have a great week – stay safe & well – Cheers Maurs xxx #6

  13. Love the stamp set Mary Anne, I was tempted myself when I saw it previously. It does look a useful and quirky set. Hope the new stdies show hopeful news. I am still wearing a mask out and about and social distancing and I know that many others are, but home is probably safest for the moment sadly. Stay safe, happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  14. Morning Mary Anne! I’m like you with not much on my desk this week… I am very glad the intense heat has gone, too. That is a very low price for those stamps, wow! hope they are genuine, but a great bargain . I look forward to seeing them crop up in your output!! Helen #2

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