WOYWW 634 – fun stamps

Happy cooler weather WOYWW! Much more comfortable desk-hopping from my upstairs craft space when the weather isn’t 30+ degrees thank you very much.

Not a lot going on on my desk this week. I have found another LifeBook class after more fully exploring the ones on offer, that I might have a go at but at this point I am still considering. The journal I am using for those pages is there on the left. But what else is there?

I saw those stamps on some WOYWW desk and now I forget whose it was! I thought they were just quirky and cute (rather than sickly sweet and cute, which is very much NOT my thing) and as so often happens when desk hopping, I could see a ton of uses for them for birthday cards for many friends, especially the ewe, for so many knitting mates.

I had to have them but the £18-£20+ price I was seeing was more than I felt I wanted to spend. Google showed me a place I have never seen before, Supermart, which listed prices in ££. When I was going thru the ordering process, as I often do, to get thru the point so that I could see what the shipping would be, and nothing got added! The package itself came with no customs declaration, the shipped from info was QUITE tiny, but clearly says GB. The cost was about £12. It took about 3 weeks, which isn’t awful, and well worth it for the reduced cost.

My other desk, where I staged the MBD cards last week, is also in a bit of a state, as that is where I was working on the art journal pages from yesterday:

So really that only leaves my computer desk for the cards. I am running out of clean spaces…time for another full tidy for next week. Mustn’t backslide…. First time since I’ve pulled five cards where all five go together to make a reasonable headline! Dithered between this and Last Czar Sues Crazy Blond, but blondes get enough bad press, don’t they?

The upside down gorilla is because the oversized mouse-mat is great, but the mouse works better on the plain black part. The blue gorilla seems to confuse it and the cursor scoots all over the place if I have it the right way round.

So there we go, another WOYWW gone and crikey the year is going fast. And we have been perilously close to the January peak in cases here in the UK, if not deaths. When will the lesson finally sink in? This is not anywhere near over and we cannot get back to normal. I read there is a study going on in the USA on vaccine effectiveness for immune-compromised people (like me) in addition to the one in the UK. It will be very interesting to see that data. I know I don’t feel safe out and about, not yet, and I see very little evidence that Boris’ hope that people will take personal responsibility to protect the most vulnerable has been shown to be justified. But I AM willing to take the steps I feel I need to to protect myself. So to riff off the old saying East, West, inside home’s best. For now.

Happy WOYWW to all.