Too hot to do much but I managed some ATCs


I have had a hankering to test something out. I decided to have a go at the Complimentary Colours challenge in the Mixed Media Emporium group. I missed out on the tone-on-tone one cause my back was just not up to sitting at my desk once I had the time to do so, but I like doing them so made the effort. My crafty space is upstairs and pretty darn toasty in this heat. I cannot believe everyone I know was moaning about the rain and miserable British Summer and now we get heat that is way more than anyone wanted. By the time this posts it should be back to temps in the low 20s and rain and I am very much OK with that LOL!

So I wanted to make some ATCs. They are small and not too onerous to make as in this case it’s a matter of stages. I can do a bit in the morning when it is cool (-ish, anyway) then even if it is hot, the next thing is just a short burst then I can go back to the cooler part of the house. I began by gessoing a sheet of watercolour paper then marking out a grid for the ATCs. I used Picked Raspberry and Cracked Pistachio Distress Oxide inks to give me my complimentary colours, with some Picked Raspberry and Mowed Lawn Distress Inks for a more vibrant pop of the same colours.

I was trying to…ignore the grid marks, basically, and try to treat the space as a single canvas. I made the stenciling cross the grid lines and hope that might create some interesting and unplanned areas, IYKWIM. Not sure how successful that was, but I expect I might try it again. I feel like larger stencils will work better for this sort of technique. Once I got the colour down, I grabbed a clutch of stamps that I have – some of my oldest, wood-mounted stamps – to add the focal point. I had six stamps so my goal was to get six ATCs., which was good cause one stamp didn’t work well on the rather bumpy surface the first time and another didn’t look right the way I oriented it. I did get my six in the end!

Peeling off the tape revealed the results:

I dragged some thick blak paint along the edges to really frame them and added some spatters as well:

I had to think, then, what was the best way to finish them off. I opted for the phrase Just one word… on each of them, then a little gem to call attention to the word I wanted to highlight, because some of the stamps had multiple words, like the D with Dream, Discover, and Destiny. I don’t have a Distress Ink colour that matches the Cracked Pistachio so opted for Mowed Lawn instead to edge the printed text.

And just a closer look at one of them:

I am also looking at a folded thingie from the Art Of the Fold book as a potential ATC holder, but it might just be too much work, when the other ones I already use are cute and simple to do. We’ll see….

Now if I can just sort out a swap that would be good, lest I become overrun with ATCs!

3 thoughts on “Too hot to do much but I managed some ATCs

  1. Fabulous! I wish i could accomplish beauties like that when its too hot to do much!!!!

  2. Yes! I like these! If I wasn’t sitting in a pub right now, I’d be in my craft room!

  3. Love the colours in these!

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