WOYWW 633 – not so tidy


Happy Desk Hoppin’ Day, WOYWWers! It should be Throwback Thursday, really as for one week I return to my bad old ways and show you what my desk looks like in the morning. Ok, so I snapped the shot on Tuesday but my desk will be as this in the morning I am sure. Too darn hot to do much of anything upstairs! Still taking it a little easy so my back doesn’t relapse on me. Always the worst idea to think Hey, yeah, I’m FINE! then overdo it. Can’t afford to have that happen.

I think this is pretty restrained, not a lot of mess at all. I am in the middle of an art journal page, one that I thought I would be finished with to share but nope, not today. Still working in the small journal and finding it so easy to use. The lovely base pages all have something of interest on them already so it is just figuring out what and where the focal image should go and how that will support the text – usually a quote. I have three or four I am considering for this one, all with a similar vibe. Hoping I can get it sorted for tomorrow.

I do have an idea that seems to be working but it began with the cutting of a stamp, again. I think, when the whole long-legged guys issued happened, that people got the idea that somehow I was scared to cut my stamps. Not at all, not in the least. BUT I prefer to do it when I choose to do it for reasons that are MY reasons and not because there was a flaw in the manufacturing process. I’m stubborn that way…. I like these little faces and (for now) want to keep the stamp with the open faces and the grid lines intact. But I have cut the solid faces into strips.

Ideally, I will cut the sketchy faces out of the grid, and cut the solid faces apart into individual stamps, so I have all the faces loose and free and the grid as just the grid. I need to really look carefully at it to see if it is possible. Not quite there yet.

Finally, I went to my other desk to add the MBD cards – I think I read Kyla pulls FIVE cards so I did too! In this case blasts or weeps for work equally as well, but this is my headline and I’m stickin’ to it!

Hope you have a lovely day visiting all the WOYWWers. If you don’t join it, why not? It’s such a lot of fun.

13 thoughts on “WOYWW 633 – not so tidy

  1. I moved to a smaller journal size after years of using big dylusions ones, I’m liking it much better. Your desk looks pretty tidy to me, mine on the other hand is a total mess lol. Weather is getting in the way! Thanks for visiting, late but sunny, Happy WOYWW! Elle #19, EOTC

  2. Your desk looks fairly tidy to me, miles away from the chaos that mine often is. I am finding the weather too warm for anything at the moment, we are just not used to extremes! Happy WOYWW Angela #12

  3. I’ve been cutting a lot of my stamps apart lately. If I need them whole again, I can just nudge them tightly togther on the acrylic block. Do take it easy. Back twinges are warnings to slow down. Heat can also cause muscle spasms so do be careful. Creative Blessings

  4. Lots of great ideas on face stamps/stamping. I 1st found your previous post and I really love that journal. Those flowers and colors are awesome Find a cool spot and enjoy. I just read an article on back issues. slow stretches each morning google I am doing somewhat and ones for the knee issues. Have a great weekend.

  5. I am currently working in journals of several different sizes. I choose the one appropriate for the idea… I have yet to start in my 6 by 6 kraft one though… And have just finished a favourite largish one. Got plenty to work in. Liked to read of your stamp cutting exercise!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #5
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  6. I prefer working in smaller journals as well – so much easier to fill a page! With a bigger format, once you get the background, it’s like “now what”? Bigger pages lend themselves to some techniques better but stamping always looks better on smaller formats. I know what you mean about the stamps – it’s annoying if you don’t get what you paid for, it’s quite different altering them when you choose to. Those look great omn your journal page! Happy #633! Take care of your back – it’s not worth overdoing it, I agree! xx zsuzsa #17

  7. That’s better! I clicked and was sent ‘down below’ Anyway! I feel the inner you wants to cut them up but the outter you is thinking it might not work! I would probably just stamps loads of everything and file them away to use later (if the worse happened) and then cut them up so you have them as you want. or not! Keep Crafting! stay safe and Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#16!

  8. I know I have to stop what I am doing when I get that back twinge. if i don’t it takes ages to get it to go away but if I stop and sit down in my chair then it will go much quicker. Inconvenient at times but that’s the price you pay for a bad back.
    I am with you on the faces with the grid lines. I would keep it whole, certainly for the time being, then I could stamp it and cut out what I needed and save the other images for later. We all work in different ways, who is to say what is right and wrong
    Stay safe and well, especially in this heat.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  9. It looks pretty tidy to me, lol! Glad you’re working on your journals, your room must be cooler than mine. I think the row of decapitated heads looks very surreal, worthy of a LO or a journal page in its own right !
    Hugs LLJ 4 xx

  10. It’s all looking good to me and don’t blame you for taking things easy. I will enjoy watching you use those stamps as I have them too. I loved them when I bought them but have hardly used them which I know is very naughty. Stay safe and have a lovely woyww, Angela x13x

  11. In my book, this weather is the perfect excuse to take things easy and do as little as possible . . . . especially in your case. You can’t get back replacements!! lol
    Have a good week, take care of your back
    Christine #11

  12. Looks pretty tidy to me Mary Anne lol. I am not averse to cutting into stamps if necessary but wait until I want/need to before I do it too. Those stamps look fun! Keep cool, stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #6

  13. I love how we all have different ideas of “not so tidy” – your desk looks empty to me!! I have been too hot to do anything at all this week, forced myself Sunday morning… I have those faces stamps (there’s a surprise) and also wondered about cutting them but not got further than that yet.. Have a good day, stay cool.. Helen #2

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