Art Journaling, and some thoughts on inspiration

I have been keen to get back into regular art journaling and yet I keep coming up with other “projects” that keep me from doing it. I just decided I needed to take the plunge and make it happen. It doesn’t help that it has been HOT and while the downstairs of the house is quite cool all the time, the upstairs, where my art space is is pretty toasty. I was considering my various made-but-unfilled journals and decided the little one I made from a class by Roben Marie would be a good one to work in. You can see some detail on that one here. I do love it, and almost hate to work on some of the pages cause I like them so much in their bare bones state. I really, REALLY loved this pair, and almost hated to add the packing tape to it, but I did. I love how the pages are not blank. They really need almost nothing more than a focal image and a bit of text to really sing.

One of the first few pages I did in that journal was on these pages, and when I was looking thru the journal, looking for inspiration, I came across that page:

I love everything about this page, and it occurred to me that as an arty person, I am always looking for inspiration everywhere. I join FB challenge groups, I watch endless YouTube videos, I read a handful of blogs regularly, and I love the Wednesday desk hop that is WOYWW. But what I don’t do very often is look back at MY OWN WORK for inspiration. Why not? I love my journals. Many of the pages have become more treasured with time, even if I was not over the moon with them when I made them. So I decided to look back to my own work and get inspired. From this page I take the stamped flowers and I have just enough gel print masterboard paper left to make a page. Still loving this stamp from Rubber Moon:

The fact this is actually the very first page in the journal makes the text work especially well, for me. Silence the inner critic, just have fun, and make a damn page. I really think this is a revelation to me. I like my art. Looking back thru all my completed art journals makes me very happy. Why would I NOT find that inspiring and if I do, why would I not BUILD on that inspiration when making new pages?

I’mma gonna do this more, I think.