A delaying tactic – 2022 Circle CD calendar

Well, typical. I threw out my back over the weekend and was in no fit state to sit at my desk. So, as I have been asked for this a few times, I thought I would add my 2022 Pretty CD Calendar. It gives me another day to recover and prepare for the week ahead.

It is a new version, but the same IYKWIM. Different fonts, a different ornament, but otherwise just like the perennial favourite. I know people do like to get started on their calendars for the upcoming year quite early, and many of the people who got in touch to ask if this was coming soon did so because they want to use it for making Christmas gifts. I always mentally mark JULY as the month to add it and I feel like I have hit that target. And Grrrr. for making me think of that winter holiday far too early for my liking…

You can download it here!