WOYWW 632 – a few things…

Well Happy WOYWW hoppers! My week has been crazy and my crafting has been a bit all over the place. Let’s see how my desk looked on Tuesday, shall we?

I am a week behind sharing my cards (kinda like the 100 days thing – I never want to be stuck on a Sunday having to make stuff to add that day IYKWIM) and as I abandoned the A DAY part of the process, so long as I am making 7 cards to share on the weekends, I’m happy. Or in this case, a set of cards. Planning on sharing the little box (from a single sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock) tomorrow but the set looks like this:

All of them made from the scraps of a single card and the printed sentiments to match the banner die. I love this particular font and the black background on white card works perfectly. So the tidy shot, where I begin today:

Finally took the plunge and grabbed this book. It’s full of goodness but often takes me a while to work out the actual folds. The sample is a Diagonal Pocket Fold and not in this book, but I am dying to make a project out of it. The little dies and the cover die are from Amazon and were pretty cheap. I think the little ones will be more useful but the art deco one may be fun to play with.

And now my little whinge – I only seem to have 300gsm white card at the moment, and Hobbycraft reminded me I had a voucher that was about to expire. So I popped on to grab some lighter card. Two Hobbycraft cardstock packs, both labelled WHITE. One is very much white while the other is very much CREAM:

I mean, c’mon…. Grrr….

Almost forgot! MBD, happily I can use all 4 cards this week!

Happy WOYWW friends!