My junk journal is in use- yay!

I just decided to take the plunge and start using it. My plan is for it to be a sort of daily diary, with thoughts and maybe arty bits, just junk THOUGHTS as well as materials. I did finished the back cover, hinted at last week

The words go together – Time flies…except when it doesn’t. Pretty much sums up the 18+ months of pandemic life and when you are immune-compromised, maybe more. The idea is to note the date with my date stamp, wherever I may write on the add-ins or on the actual page, not worrying too much about where the text may fall. The first bit of writing is on one of the fold-out tags:

As you can see (maybe) I found the lovely little envelope of goodies from Caro, a WOYWW desk-hopper, and added on thereon the left. It’s very pretty and I have added a few of them to pages that needed a little somethin’-somethin’.

I also wanted to share a video I saw that was a super cute idea, a little folded belt that you can use as a closure for a mini-book or journal or whatever. I folded a couple of these and even without the grid she makes they are not hard. Because the wrap-around part can be cinched or expanded, it would be a good closure for a junk journal that you expect to grow. Have a look!

I could do photos, but really, this tutorial is so good, why? I do have an idea I want to try that…expands on this I guess. I’ll share it if it works LOL!