ACAD – Week 5 – day one


Sunday – Oh dear. I discovered the binder that I used in the past to sort scrap for cardmaking. Each sleeve has what I believe will work together to create a card.

The things in this binder really need to get sorted into the envelopes in the system I am using now, but I thought why not go ahead and make this week’s cards from the binder? It’ll likely be paper I have not used or even seen for a while so maybe kinda fun!

To begin with, a tale of the frustration of YouTube. I HATE it when you see a glimpse of something and then it disappears and no matter how hard you try you simply cannot find it again! I saw a thumbnail that I wanted to watch but when I finished the video I actually clicked on (with my daughter, something like All the best stuff coming to Netflix in July) and hit back, it was nowhere to be found. I Googled SO MANY THINGS to find it I can’t even remember. and then a few days later, while on the treadmill, I saw that thumbnail again! I clicked and watched it. It was a fun pinwheel card (which I intentionally did not use when searching cause I was sure I would get the whirlygig style pinwheel, like the ones you blow on) called a Pinwheel Tower.

I liked it a lot and knew I was going to try to make one for at least one of the cards this week. I had an idea for a change but no time to fiddle about to make it work. But I did make one. Easy enough, and of course after I found ONE then YouTube showed me a dozen more variations – it turns out it’s a Stampin’Up design (I think) so every SU gal seems to want to do their own video of it. This is the one I followed.

And yeah, it does fit neatly in a standard (A6?) envelope!

Monday and Tuesday but both made on Monday! The next two were from the binder. I made this one first:

Then this one from the scraps and using the same dies:

The interesting thing is I also used two things I have had hanging about forever. This ink is the best ink I ever bought for clear stamps. Never that weird spotty look you get sometimes, even on brand new stamps. I love it. They don’t make it anymore, or not that I can find. Shame. And the odd little pick-up things, no idea where I got them. They work, but BluTack on the end of a stylus works too, for when I run out of these.

I seem to be slipping more and more into making more than one card in a session, when I have a lot of scraps from card One. My feeling is this challenge is more about using stuff up than the one-a-day thing, so I refuse to let myself worry about that. It’s my challenge to myself so I set the rules! I do feel it might be time to set out alllll the cards and take an overall shot. Might do that next week and see where I am.

6 thoughts on “ACAD – Week 5 – day one

  1. I am going to have to try that pinwheel card!

  2. I really love all of your cards !! You have the best ideas and I appreciate all the photos and explanation of what you did. I love that you found those “old” papers, they made beautiful cards. You have a great eye for putting things together. I enjoy all of your posts. Iris,SavedbyGrace

  3. Great papers.
    Is ‘using same two dies’ also part of the challenge?
    Great cards if it is and….. still great cards if it isn’t!!

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