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A Black & White book

Many moons ago I made a book that was kind see-thru, with a bit of solid card added behind, to block the light and add another dimension to the project. It was one of my favourite books ever and I decided te revisit the idea for a B&W challenge on the Mixed Media Emporium. I began with an A2 sheet of tracing paper (like vellum, sort of( and made a masterboard with black and white paint, using mostly my own handmade stamps.

A couple of close-ups for you:

I folded and cut the pages, zine-like, but added a canvas-tape spine and a 3-hole pamphlet stitch binding because the tracing paper was a bit more fragile then actual vellum would have been. I wanted the size, so the pages would turn out about 4 x 6 inches. I printed some quotes, white text on a black swirl and black text on white circles, then put it all together. Here is a selection of the pages:

And the cover:

The pages really come to life when you look at them in front of a bright window, where the solid elements block the light and create interesting shadows, mixed with the different levels of opaqueness of the paint:

The whole thing was a bit of fun – I really enjoyed making the masterboard and working just in B&W was interesting.

Still dithering over the junk journal. I was trying to make it work out in some way to cover the 1/2 year remaining (so like 26 weeks or 6 months maybe) but the page count just was not working out. So I am a bit stumped. Might just have to take the plunge and see where it takes me. But not yet – the weekend is for cards!