A neat trick for sticking intricate die cuts and a weird thing I discovered

I gotta say, adding tiny dots of glue to large, lacy die cuts is an annoying and tedious process. What I do, usually when I am working on a few cards like I did this time, is grab one of my smaller gel plates and brayer on some matt gel medium then press the back of the die cut into that to coat it, It doesn’t dry that quickly that I can’t press all the areas of the die cut and use all of the medium on the plate. Then I just press it on to the card and lay a large stamping block over it – the one the gel plate is on is heavier – till the medium dries.

Take moments and it dries matt, not shiny. That tip was from Natasha … Foote, I think. I’ve seen a few of her YouTube videos, but she is very much an ink&stamps gal and I am trying to use up paper&card. But the tip about the matt medium rather than glue is a good one.

It works great for all those tiny little areas that drive you mad, pouncing a dot of glue on each and every one. It works best for me if I made a stack of cards (like I am doing nowadays when I am on a roll and the whole A-Card-A-DAY thing isn’t working for me) and have loads of things to stick. I’ll lay them out, all ready, then get out the plate, brayer on the matt medium, and stick them all, assembly line style – look at this die. consider all the bits you would want to stick and then tell me this is no a better way to do it LOL!

Both the lacy leaves and the large floral are from the same stamp & die set I bought a couple of weeks ago. The weird thing I discovered was that, while watching a YouTube video, that the set I bought from some Chinese manufacturer selling on Amazon was actually a Stampin’ Up! set, but much cheaper. The SU! set is called Artistically Inked and it costs $53 from SU! It is under £14 on Amazon and the only thing missing is the name. The conversion is about $20:

I don’t think I have ever bought an SU! set in my life, so I didn’t recognize the packaging, but as soon as I saw it in the video I was like WHAT? and then went to have a look. Makes me wonder how many other ones there are and how long it will be before Amazon cracks down on this. I did at first think maybe it was a retired set but it does seem to be still for sale from SU!

And there’s more! I also stumbled across a set by Stampendous called Peeking Pals. It is sold on Amazon as a Stampendous set for about £15 but by the other company for about £9. Not really my taste but cute, I guess:

Crazy, right?