WOYWW 631 – junk journal done.

Happy WOYWW! Look back to yesterday to see the messy desk shot. By that evening I was done with my Junk Journal, covers added and ribbon tie sorted. There is a set of drawing inks that were my son’s (back when he thought he might dabble with drawing Manga) and a new dip pen with some gold ink – I am finding the Liquitex acrylic “ink” is too thick to use with a dip pen. Also, the watercolour negative painting from the Mixed Media Emporium challenge from June. I feel it very much captures the feeling of pandemic life. It IS far too peopley out!

You can also see my very old Motex Dymo-knockoff, and here are both the wheels, upper and lower case. I loved this thing and need to see if they still sell other font-wheels for it. I would totally buy more if they do!

Th junk journal cover is pretty much as I suggested it might be and the back cover is looking good too – more on that tomorrow, I’m sure.

Just a couple of posts over the last week to note – if you make ATC(oins) and want a few options for cute envelopes to house them, check back to the post on Monday where I have a PDF of three different slightly differently sized folded envelopes. I think they are all super cute and very easy! There is a 3″ square one, a 2 3/4″ sized one and a 2 5/8″ sized one. All with slightly different methods.

And yesterday also has my ribbon storage system. I love it and I also found where you can buy the plastic strips I usually have to beg from the grocery – although they are free there, the ones from Amazon are pretty cheap!

and I almost forget – I have to assume Nails is a gangster nickname Lol! The middle card is an either/or I guess.

Happy desk hopping!