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A Card A Day – Week FOUR

Part two. OK, so I made all these cards in one day (Thursday) because I had a bunch of scraps on my desk from other cards, and looking at them they seemed to create little cards all by themselves.

I had a small stack of really small kraft cardstock cards with envelopes that managed to use up almost all of the scraps! I also had a test punch of a leafy frond and some previously die cut sentiments that I figured I might as well use up:

See what I mean about creating themselves? Basically I was just pushing the scraps around on top of the card fronts and sticking them down!

You can see the leftovers from each card – only the stripey one had enough to save and maybe use for another card!

I’ll get back on track, but I suspect that I will once again do a foursome when I amass enough scraps that I can use them up!