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A Card A Day – Week FOUR

Sunday I am really liking the slimline cards, although in some ways they are a struggle. They don’t have a lot of surface to cover, so not really burning thru my scraps when I make them, and sometimes the design options seem a bit limited. I mean, I could make 100 cards that look more or less just like this one with ease:

I won’t, but I could.

Monday So this one, I was trying to use a set that had a sentiment and a surround, but very much another case of you-get-what-you-pay-for. I had a sample that I tried, using Distress Oxide ink swiped across an embossing folder and then embossed so the detain popped forward in white. It’s something I have seen a LOT recently using the new 3D embossing folders, but of course it works with old folders too, perfectly well. Anyway, although by ACAD challenge is to use up stuff, I decided to use that sample and a scalloped strip from my scrap stash

I just want you to look carefully at the letters. Virtually all of them (except the Hap of Happy) are disconnected. In a quality die, all the letters are going to be joined. It was pretty infuriating to get things nicely positioned in the backing mat. But in the end it looks cute and I don’t have a test sample hanging about waiting to be used.

Tuesday I had another stamp&die set that was floral, and I had the idea to stamp the rather sketchy flowers over patterned paper rather than plain card, to see what sort of effect it gave. It was OK

This is quite an odd set. It has this flower, a larger die that cuts outlines, a bunch of center piece dies and a couple more stamps. I have not sorted out how they are all meant to fit together, really, and the card is not my favourite but I guess it is good for my stash. I suspect maybe the stamped flower might fit behind the outlined ones but not sure.

At this point my little stack of cards is getting pretty big. I want to make a few cards that I may need (like a few sympathy cards) instead of all the Just a note…, Hi there… generic ones and Happy Birthday ones that I know I will need. But tomorrow I will add a group of four that I kinda cheated on, making them all in one day. It’ll make sense when you see them, I promise!