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My very first ever Artists Trading Coins and a fab folded envelope for them.

The envelope is right near the bottom. There was a challenge on the Mixed Media Emporium for watercolours and doodling. Two things I REALLY struggle with, I’m not gonna lie. But I had a bash. I did a whole sheet using coffee and watercolours – OMG it smelled so good while I was working on them. Then I punched out the coins and did some doodling. Not stellar, but OK.

Some of the doodling was actually done with strong coffee and a dip pen. And when I draagged out the stamps to add some extra texture, I spotted that little stamped image I think I shared before, and it took my coins in a totally different direction LOL!

I dragged out one of the Tim Holtz word sticker books and found a sort of progression from despair to hope :

There is a lot of symbolism in it that may mean something only to me (like the direction of the fish and the 456 as we progress from 45 to 46) but in the end the underlying message is that as individuals we need to do all the good we can, rather than wait for the slowly turning wheels of government to solve things. I hope the set is ultimately hopeful. Not very trade-able, perhaps but these are the very first ATC(oins) I have ever made so I am happy with them.

I am really happy with this little origami folded envelope. It took m a few tries to get the sizing right and (hopefully) turn it into a more foolproof thing, but here goes:

Begin with a 5 3/4inch square of paper. Fold it in half, corner to corner, to create a triangle. Orientate so the folded edge is at the bottom

Fold down the top point of the top piece to meet the bottom edge

Slip your ATCoin into the fold, centre it as best you can.

Now fold the top tip down to cover the coin

Adjust the position of the coin, again, aiming to centre it. Fold over one side, so the fold line is very close to the edge of the coin

This part is a little tricky. Fold the other point over while slipping the folded tip inside the two pieces of the new fold

The trick is that sometimes one of the two sides will fit better into the other, and you may have to try both ways to see. It should create as close to a square as possible and the coin will be trapped inside. You can then decorate the reverse.

It’s not as elegant, but the Menko pocket I showed previously could easily double as am ATCoin holder as well. I’ll have to work out the exact dimensions but it’s tricky!

Still considering the A Card A Day. I’ve made about 40 cards, between the warm-ups and the daily cards and I wonder how many more is enough? And like the 100 Days project, I have made barely a dent in my card-making scraps. It all seems rather pointless some days, as scraps beget scraps….


Today is the exact middle of the year (day 182) and that day is kinda a deadline for the junk journal and a move-on-to-the-nest-phase day. So on Monday there might be a new project beginning…fingers crossed…