WOYWW Junk Journal Additions


Oh dear. I fear I might have forgotten all the correct people who sent what, but I am going to do my best! I got a LOT of stuff from Spyder. The ATC folder was actually cut in half, and each side filled with a little multi-coloured notepad made up of hand-dyed papers. The little top stapled holder was part of her envelope!

There was a belly-band around the holder, and that became a belly-band on another page, with the little journalingg cards created from another bit of the envelope:

The back of both cards again, lined with hand-dyed paper. This is some of the ones dyed with Dylusions spray ink! And that envelope was not yet done. The last bit made a pocke to hold more journaling cards:

Honestly, I think I used every scrap of that envelope except the tiny bit I punched out here and that bit was slightly ripped so it was fine to toss it in the bin. Lastly, I had the ATC holder from Susan Renshaw. It was so cute, and made a perfect pocket just as it was, although I added a punched circle (and promptly broke my punch, no idea how, and made the little folded journaling stripto fit inside from a scrap of card on my desk and yet more hand-dyed paper.

In the end I regretted chopping up Julia’s card so I opted not the use the lovely postcards from bothe Spyder and Sue. Maybe I’ll scan the writing and keep that then use the cards. Finally, eye test for me today and my daughter on Thursday, WOYWW tomorrow, and my knitting friends are popping round for a session in the garden, if the weather holds… Busy week!

6 thoughts on “WOYWW Junk Journal Additions

  1. Reading these posts again kinda reminds me of the film Toy Story… the kid that lived next door who made weird and wonderful things from all his broken toys! You show us everything (or anyone) can be anything you want… no rules. Just do it! Great posts! Now, I’m going to rip some pages… or not.

  2. Great idea to use all the extras ina journal. I am looking forward to doing something similar when we get back. Happy WOYWW and have a great week Angela #7

  3. Yes, above was on my phone earier so I’m back again to have another read! I have the same Susan card holder, and you’re right, it’s too cute! Have fun with the knitting! Stay safe, Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #6

  4. I cut up all my gifts too that came with the card swap! great creative mind think alike! robyn 6

  5. What a fab idea that is, looks awesome. Good luck with the eye tests & fingers crossed for good weather for your knit and natter.
    Happy WoywW Tracey (1)

  6. Omgoodness! Love what you’ve done with the envelope, little pocket and band! I still have yours so watch this space!

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