A Card A Day week THREE


Part one:

I dragged out some paper strips, pre-punched borders and a pack of slimline cards for my Sunday card. a very fast one, and a little tip.

I have some foam squares that seem to be sticky only on one side. I save them for using in the middle of popped items. That way the full sticky-on-both-sides squares do the actual attaching round the perimeter of the element and the one-side-sticky ones stick to either the card or the element and still do the work of popping where it doesn’t matter. Instead of just tossing them in the bin I can actually use them. You can see the top protective film is just falling off, but the bottom is fully sticky.

On Monday I made another simple card with two coordinating designs of patterned paper, from another paper pad with scraps tucked inside I seem to have a lot of them. Again, using the waste from die cutting the sentiment then I filled it with a stack of white card topped with the other patterned paper. I did the base card then added two different elements tot he envelope for adding as needed, one more masculine and one more feminine:

I don’t think the pearl dots make it too feminine, especially with the colours, but the floral elements make is girly, despite the colours! I will possibly do this more often, doing no-sentiment cards, for example, as a stash of for-any-occasion cards to have on stand-by.


As I was putting away the paper pad from the Happy Birthday card, the paper pad from a card last week caught my eye. There were still scraps in that one so I tried to use them up if I could.

I still have a smidge of the solid pink but I used up some big chunks and a couple of bits from a cut-apart sheet.

2 thoughts on “A Card A Day week THREE

  1. I love the variety of the ideas you have and make. Apart from the cards made using the same materials, that are meant to be complimentary to each other, very card is so different and gorgeous in its own right.

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