WOYWW 629 – the last of the ATCs


Happy WOYWW to all! Apologies in advance for this massive post. I hope you will find it worth it.

There is only one thing on my desk but what a thing it is! Debbie (Tattered Rocks) gifted me the MOST BEAUTIFUL JOURNAL IN THE WORLD, adding a note to say she used about 20 items from the box I sent her and could I identify them all. It is breathtaking in the extreme.

You cannot believe how amazing and dimensional it is. I spy the rose and the flower at the bottom with the heart, the small roses too, I think, and the spray of beads across. Another heart and I think the X and maybe some of the gears. Oh and the IMAGINE word buckle thingie…and some watch hands! How she took my pile of cast-offs and transformed them into this bit of heaven I don’t know. I suspect there is witchcraft involved and I 100% got the best end of this deal. Thank you Debbie. I am in awe of your talent.

The last of the swap ATCs have arrived! I got a re-send from Spyder, and a bonus one, along with a super cute folder that will appear in my junk journal in some fashion. You can see it there at the top but they are worth a closer look:

I love the envelope too. So pretty, again, great for junk journal fodder. Then after I took this shot I got the ATC from Susan Renshaw. Love the string pull flowers! What a glorious location as well.

I also claimed one of the Shaz commemorative pieces and that was in the box from Debbie as well:

Lurking at the top of my desk, unseen in the top shot, is a little strip of Archival Ink-stamped bits for Morti – just awaiting her address to mail them!

And finally the MBD cards. I am reminded that at some point I found my old VHS tape (it MIGHT have been a Betamax!) of the original 1992 movie. Imagine my surprise to see it is now on DVD:

An interesting one – the topic seems serendipitous as just this week my son asked about an old scrapbook layout I had done called Saints and Sinners. It told the story of how the same couple, quite a few generations back in my family tree, spawned an actual Saint as well as a member of the Pretty Boy Floyd gang, convicted and executed for his part in The Kansas City Massacre.

In case anyone is interested, I had to type out the journaling (A LOT) for my son so I might as well add it here:

Saint Pauline – Sister Pauline of the Agonising Heart of Jesus 

Amabile Lucia Visintainer was born in Vigolo Vattaro, Trento (once part of the Austrian Tyrol but now part of Italy) 16 December 1865. She was one of three children born to Antonio Napoleone Visintainer and Anna Pianezzer. Her brother, Antonio Giuseppe Visintainer , was my Great-Great Grandfather, making Saint Pauline my first cousin 3 times removed.  

Amiable lived in Vigolo Vattaro until age 10, working in the silk mill until her father learned of the Brazilian government’s invitation to Europeans to settle in Brazil. In the same 2.5 month period, approximately 20% of the population left Vigolo Vattaro and settled in Brazil. Amiable felt called to the religious life, but the death of her mother in childbirth left her to care for her now 12 siblings. When her father remarried, Amiable and two friends founded The Little Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. 

The congregation grew and their work spread, reaching out to the sick and poor of Brazil. In 1903, Mother Pauline, as she was now known, was elected Mother Superior for Life and she added to her duties work in Sao Paulo among orphans, ageing slaves and orphans of slaves left to die because they had no work. In 1909 she was relieved of her duties by the Archbishop of Sao Paulo following a series of disputes within the congregation. She went to work with the sick and aged in the Hospice of Saint Vincent de Paul at Braganza Paulista until she was recalled to the congregation’s mother house in 1918. She lived there for over 20 years, caring for sick sisters, praying and living away from the world. In 1938 complications from diabetes led to rapidly failing health. She spent the last year of her life confined to bed and died on 8 July 1942. The congregation she founded continues its work in Brazil to this day.  

Beatified 18 October 1991 by Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy

Canonised 19 May 2002 by Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy

Adam Richetti (member of the Pretty Boy Floyd gang)Adam Richetti was born to Bartolomeo and Elisabetta (Zamboni) Richetti on 5 August 1909 in Strawn, TX. He grew up in Lehigh, OK farming and working in the mines. He spent most of his time with his older brother Joe, who taught him to repair cars. He attended school to the 7th grade but then Adam became involved with one Otis Harper, participating in several minor robberies in Oklahoma. He and Otis, on the run from the local law, went to Hammond, IN to Adam’s other older brother Dave.

Adam and Otis were arrested for the first time on a robbery-related charge 7 August 1928. He was sentenced to one-to-ten years and was sent to the State Reformatory in Pendleton, IN where John Dillinger was being held. Adam spent August 1928 to October 1930 in Pendleton and was paroled on 4 October 1930.

Adam went to New Lima, OK and was eventually released from parole on 22 Sept. 1931. He took part in the robbery of the First National Bank at Mill Creek in Sulphur, OK on 9 March 1932. Leaving the bank, the robbers were met with a hail of gunfire. But they were gunned down by vigilante citizens, not the police! Adam was shot three times. He was tried and convicted in April 1932 but was released from prison in August. He jumped bail and joined up with Pretty Boy Floyd. He was also identified as one of the accomplices of Vern Miller, another criminal, and helped him in an attempt to free his friend and convicted killer Frank Nash. This resulted in the infamous Kansas City Massacre.

Historians disagree on the identity of Verne Miller’s accomplices. The FBI identified Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd and Adam Richetti as the other gunmen, but there are questions both about who was actually involved and if it was a rescue or a gangland hit! According to the official FBI version of events, while Miller was being transported two (or possibly three) men rushed forward, one shouted “Up, up!” There was no time for the lawmen to reach for their weapons. The order to “Let them have it!” came quickly and the “rescuers” opened fire with machine guns relentlessly, from all sides of the car. The result was truly a massacre, with four lawmen killed, and the other two injured. Ironically, Nash, rather than being rescued was killed as well.

In October 1934, Pretty Boy Floyd was killed by FBI agents in a shoot out at a farm in Ohio. Adam Richetti was arrested there and returned to Missouri. On 1 March 1935 he was indicted by the Jackson County Grand Jury on four counts of murder in the first degree. His trial, predicated on the indictment charging him with the murder of Frank E. Hermann (one of the police officers killed in the Kansas City Massacre) began in Kansas City on 10 June 1935.  The jury delivered a Guilty verdict with the recommendation Richetti be given the death penalty. He was sentenced to be hanged, but appealed his conviction. The conviction was affirmed by the State of Missouri Supreme Court on 3 May 1938. Richetti’s lawyers alleged him to be insane, but a hearing was held at which time his sanity was clearly established. On 31 August 1938, Richetti was again sentenced to death, this time in the gas chamber of the Missouri State Penitentiary. He was executes on 7 October 1938.  

Saint Pauline and Adam Richetti are both descendants of Caroli Marzari and Hyeronima Perezzoli, who lived in the 1700’s. Pauline is from one child (Anna Maria Marzari) and Adam from her brother (Joannes Andrea Marzari.)

Jeez. And epic WOYWW post but very little in the way of my OWN crafting. DOH! Pop back to the weekend to see all the cards from my Card A Day fun, if cardmaking is your bag…

21 thoughts on “WOYWW 629 – the last of the ATCs

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  2. Great post! Love the gifts sent to you and the story of your ancestors was very interesting. My husband does genealogy and we have found out lots of interesting facts, but no saints!

  3. ooh lovely desk this week and how fabulous to get one of the amazing Debbie’s creations too. Also love your MBD cards, ah the old horror films are still the best I think

  4. Wow love the journal, and managed to comment on the wrong post so it’s a twofer lol. Elle #25, EOTC

  5. What a fascinating post, I loved the saints and sinners story. Debbie UK

  6. Family history is so interesting isn’t it – that was fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Love Debbie’s journal for you stunning! Happy Belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#23)

  7. Such amazing work from Debbie – what a talent. xx Jo

  8. Mary Anne, WOW a power packed blog post today!! LOL That journal……gahhhhh…..soooo beautiful!! Lucky for you and something to enjoy for years to come!!! Love all the junk journal fodder as well! What I like about that is that the gift just keeps on giving through your creativity and as you look at several projects you can remember that person! I just love it!! The ATC’s are so cute and the Shaz commemorative piece is also just gorge!! Debbie did such a wonderful job on all of those goodies!! Shaz would be proud! WOW with your family tree story!! How cool and interesting is that? Not the tragic part, of course, but still cool to hear about your history! Here’s to you and the rest of your week! Cheers! Felicia #22

  9. Happy WOYWW. What wonderful goodies on your desk – the journal is incredible. I suddenly remembered that I haven’t thanked people for ATCs, so will go back and edit my post now. Fascinating family history. Nothing like that in our’s. I am concentrating on finding out the history of our farm, but run out of time and energy for research at the moment. Ali x #24

  10. Oh my goodness, that journal cover is truly breathtaking! I bet you didn’t expect your junk being returned to you as gold! What a lovely gesture from Debbie – and only shows what a generous soul she is! She must have created well over a dozen of of these wonderful Shaz memorabilia pieces working on them day and night! I will recommend the Man Bites Dog film to my husband – never heard of it but looks interesting and he’s into this weird stuff – I’m more of a Bridges of Madison County sort of girl LOL! Fascinating story behind that scrapbook layout – I’m fascinated with family trees as well and all that history but I can never put my head around the family connections – I guess that’s why they invented the tree format, so you get a visual representation. Have a lovely week! xx zsuzsa #21

  11. What an interesting and amazing post! Great read!
    So pleased my ATC arrived!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #20

  12. Debbie’s work is amazing, truly wye candy, esp the ShazSilverwolf special.
    MaryAnne well done on researching your family tree. I’ve done but nought that detailed! Happy WOYWW,
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  13. That was so interesting, amazing and shocking by turns. I didn’t get very far with my family tree. My husband’s grandmother would never discuss previous family when I was doing research. My mother in law always reckoned there was a secret somewhere!
    With the Man Bites Dog cards, do you have to have them in the order they come or can you play around with the order? Angela #9

  14. oh wow is all I can say! and yes, such an array of interesting stuff on your desk this week! Glad the ATC’s got there this time, Beginning to think your originals got posted off to someone else! and sorry you got the two 19s. I”ve seen the third one some where else so, at least I don’t have to keep hunting for it! Next time I shall be more organised! (not gonna happen!) Debbie is really talented! Stay safe, keep on crafting! Happy WOYWW?! ((Lyn)) #15

  15. Dear Debbie such gorgeous work, such a talented lady. Great collection of ATCs too. It’s so nice to look back at your family history, sounds very interesting. I will watch out for the Man Bites Dog news too. Have fun and a happy woyww, Angela x17x

  16. That was so interesting to read about your family history – truly Angels and Demons, lol! How fantastic that you have all that info about your forebears….who do you take after most? Lol!! I too have been fortunate to receive some amazing art from Debbie, she’s so talented and how lovely that she incorporated many of the items you sent her into the journal. Fantastic!|
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  17. I am in awe of Debbie’s talent. Yes, I believe there is magic involved. She is truly amazing.

    I read your saints and sinners stories and was so amazed at how one family could create two totally different personalities. What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it. Happy WOYWW from # 5.

  18. Wow, what a treasure you have in that journal. It is beautiful – she is such a generous soul – it must take her ages to make something like this.
    Love the atc’s you got too – especially the one with the spiders web on it – and the envelope – what a piece of treasure to keep!
    Thanks for the interesting story at the end.
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  19. We are blessed indeed with Debbie’s generosity – that album is stunning. Will look out for your ICADs later in the week. Helen #1

    • I’m thinking that your ancestral saint and sinner just might be cropping up as characters in a game sometime soon!! Fascinating. Debbie, of course, has done an amazing job…talk about silk purse..and in no time flat. She’s super lovely to let you have it all back too, I don’t know how she parts with her works I really don’t! See, I had no idea that MBD was a film!!! Every day’s a school day.

  20. SUch an array of gorgeousness on your desk this week Mary Anne. Debbie is indeed a super talented and generous crafter. Intriguing MBD this week. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

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