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A Card A Day – week two

Part two.

Thursday: I went a different way, more feminine and girly. I have a fair few birthdays coming up the second half of the year so need a lot of ladies birthday cards. This one fits the bill nicely. I began with a couple of embossed strips from a pack of strips I have had for possibly 20 years, maybe 25.

Then I went to my very organized packs of papers and pulled out any that even sort-of went with them colourwise. I narrowed it down to the two on the right:

and went with the floral in the end. I wanted to add some gems and when I went to that drawer I found these, begging to be used up!

I have a lot of them but they need glue added to the backs of many of the gems to ensure they really stick well, they are sooooooo old. I love the card – I used my new sentiments I created to fit my sentiment die and I think they look fab.


Not super inspired, this one, but I did use a very old envelope template to make an envelope for the slightly odd sized card. I like the embossed background, and I had the leafy spray cut and just wanted to use it. Not sure if I would have preferred the spray over the light purple oval instead.

Saturday: I found a great card for The Hubster for Father’s Day, but I wanted to make one as well so he gets one from me and from our daughter. Unlikely our son will remember it’s Father’s Day and in this case he doesn’t have the excuse of Oh, it’s US Mother’s Day so you don’t celebrate (when it is a long-standing family tradition and oft referenced as unfair that I get TWO Mother’s days!) or Oh I forgot it was UK Mother’s day… This one was all about making a card without cutting the scraps, if possible:

You can see I made a chart with the sizes of that metal sentiment die so I can cut a couple of options when making a card without needing to cut the whole die. Very handy! I found some sequins in just the right colours:

The olive star is a better match for the dotty cardstock in real life than it looks in the photo.

I am wondering how long I will carry on with this….do I need as many cards as I will have after, say, two months? Maybe I should consider doing four cards a week, two for each day, Saturday and Sunday. I mean, it’s fine, I am enjoying using up my scraps, no doubt, but maybe it is eating up more of my crafting time than it should. I also am considering featuring one card that is slightly more complex one of the weekend days and then just sharing the other as a Gallery. I will ruminate for a bit and see….