A Card A Day – week two

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Part one. As I mentioned last week I am only going to share 6 cards this weekend, so next weekend I will be one card ahead. That way I don’t have to quickly make a card before I can make my post!

Sunday and Monday:

So this was another case of me trying to make cards from the scraps of other cards LOL! Remember this from last week?

I saved the scraps from that for the next couple of cards, also a very simple style, still masculine

and Tuesday: I still had more scraps and …

… those little surrounds from the circles caught my eye. A quick card, and maybe my favourite!

At that point any other leftover bits went in the bin. Three cards but still plenty of paper in those pads, I’m afraid…

Finally I got to use some different papers for the next card on Tuesday:

Some coordinating patterned paper, some dies I am not sure I have ever used, and a cheap Wish stamp set:

And yeah, a bit about that – it shows it right on the packaging how the stamps stamp and one word is badly askew:

In the end I really had to s t r e t c h the stamp so I could snip between the m and the e and get something close to straight. Annoying, but I guess you get what you pay for, right? In the end I went with the die cuts I had previously cut and not used.

The patterned paper is mounted straight on the card front, the die cut waste over that, and the extra flowers pop-dotted over for some dimension. I kinda feel like it needs … something, but not sure what. Maybe a few pearl dots of something, I don’t know. I might revisit it again.

One thought on “A Card A Day – week two

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