ATC swap debris transformed for my Junk Journal

Oh I did have fun with this! First, Robyn’s envelope, which was far too lovely to put in the shredder:

Some of the hand-dyed papers and a bit of repair work

I wasn’t super careful when I tore it open, my bad, but I salvaged it by lining the inside with some of the hand-dyed paper (stupidly using some of my lined versions. DOH! Plain would have done for this for sure) and reinforcing some other bits. Julia’s card was so adorable I had to figure out a way to add it

I used some of the back of Julia’s card over the torn edge and used the card itself slightly cut down and backed with lined paper to make a journaling spot. I needed it to fit Robyn’s envelope or I would have used it in it’s entirety:

I stuck the envelope just on the sides at the back so I could slip in the post card as a journaling spot too – although it is slightly vintage, I think it will be OK. SO MUCH of the junk journal stuff has a real vintage slant to it and that is very much NOT the vibe I am going for.

I really need to look at a few hidden paper clip ideas – I’ve seen them mentioned and have some ideas, but I feel like watching a tutorial might help me avoid making a mistake and using up a resource I may only have a tiny bit of. Not sure if that will appear tomorrow or if I will carry on and do something with Zsuzsa’s envelope. It will depend on how much time my ACAD card takes, I think.

No rest for the wicked….