WOYWW 628 – my Junk Journal progress, kinda


Happy WOYWW everyone! My desk, yesterday, was in a shocking state. I always snap a Tuesday afternoon shot so when I get my desk ready for WOYWW you can see that no, I am not a tidy crafter LOL!

This is all the junk journal stuff I dragged out to play with. The most critical task was to do what I did for the 100 Days project and organize things so I could minimize the hunting. It didn’t take as long as I thought it might. Ta Dah!

I actually set aside a few of the things on the left as I think they will work perfectly for the hard cover I plan to make for the accordion folded journal- so cute!

I have a plan to use some of the stuff that came with my swap ATCs and turn them into bits for my journal. I already know EXACTLY what I want to do with Julia’s card and Zsuzsa’s envelope, and I think Robyn’s envelope is going to come in to play as well – I should be able to share that tomorrow. I am also going hoping that other sentiment die is finally going to actually arrive this week. It is meandering at a snail’s pace towards the house. Cardmakers will want to look back a couple of posts or be satisfied with a sneaky peek at my play, creating a template for printing sentiments to fit the die I already have:

And just cause I think it is super cute, I’ll add a card from my A Card A Day challenge to myself:

My favourite so far!

Happy WOYWW – busy week. An old scrapbooking buddy dropped by on Monday, knitting mates yesterday, who knows who else might meander by? Oh and my Man Bites Dog headline:

I feel like I need to be clear, there is an implied ex- in front of 1st Lady, lest the lovely Dr. Biden spring to mind.

20 thoughts on “WOYWW 628 – my Junk Journal progress, kinda

  1. I’m loving all your junk journal bits and pieces Elle #19 and late

  2. I always love the Dog Bites Man cards, and I confess, the was a bit of shock this time, so I’m glad you added the “ex”! That I could imagine! I love making junk journals, and I will be watching as you put yours together – such great fun and so many wheels turning to be creative! I also really like the idea of a card a day, something I should absolutely do – one day…Thanks for your visit, have a great week, Lindart #30

  3. Thanks for your visit, sorry I’m late but I’m here now to comment.
    I think I may use the peeloffs on my artwork as background ‘shapes’ and paint over them . . . just a thought.
    I don’t know how our desks get so untidy but I like the look of your ‘piles’
    Enjoy the rest of the week
    Christine #24

  4. Loved reading your post Mary Anne. From the ‘untidy’ desk to the junk journal bits! And lovely card to yourself!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #12

  5. ooh nice makes and LOVE your cards this week and yep, its deffo an EX 1st ladt 😉


  6. Hi Mary Ann – lots of lovely stuff happening at your place – hope you have a great week – Cheers Maurs xxx #34

  7. Hi Mary Anne, the first photo looks like my desk when I’m midst crafting. Because my room has so many identities- craft room, office, guest room, grandchildren room, ironing room – I unfortunately or fortunately have to tidy up and clear away pretty much after each craft session… sometimes I just want to leave it and carry on crafting. I’m liking the look of the sentiment die – how useful to be able to create your own sentiments. I’ll check back on your earlier post to get the details (assuming you did a bit of enabling lol) take care and have a lovely week, Heather xx #28

  8. What a transformation, Mary Anne. Your projects are great. I love how the sentiment template has turned out. Once my sentiment stamp arrives, I’m going to attempt the same sort of thing. What software did you use for yours? I’ve got an old version of Serif PagePlus (no longer available) which I use all the time and love. Really user-friendly.

    Thank you for your visit and for your good wishes. The scan went well this morning but no results yet, of course. I should be getting an appointment soon though. I am looking forward to receiving the new foiling machine from Cindy – it will be interesting being able to cut dies and emboss with it. The Cuttlebug takes up very little space because the platforms fold up – something I think would make a great improvement to the Big Shot which is massive! I’ve always wanted to be able to foil because I do love a bit of bling.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #8

  9. Mary Anne, your first photo brought chuckles because it looks like my desk from last week! LOLOL I love that you were able to put everything in nice little ordered stacks after the fact! It NEVER gets that organized for me!!! LOL I love your card, it’s super cute and I HAVE YET to get that game!! I have it on my wish list because I think it’s hilarious!! Thanks so much for stopping by my desk and leaving your encouraging words! The image on the one ATC you were speaking about tickles me as well!!! Have a glorious rest of your week! 🙂 Blessings, Felicia #26

  10. Hi MaryAnne, fun piles of happy on your desk. I had to laugh at the cards trying to picture any of the first ladies being so undignified. ~Stacy #29

  11. Great before and after desk photos. Sounds like some fun projects in the works!
    Carol N #27

  12. I do love organised people, great before and after photos of your desk. That’s a great card too. Happy WOYWW Angela #18

  13. Well, I could’ve meandered by, I waved. We went to Stourhead yesterday and I thought, someone lives near here?…or not! wasn’t sure. I do get mundled easily! I could’ve hand delivered those atc’s…that are taking ages…. (some are still missing!) Love the piles of stuff and the card…I need to do that-and I also need those dies! That’s such a great idea, I coukd possibaly do it with stuff I have got….if I can find it! *please quoose spelling, I’ve already had to miss out words coz I couldn’t smell them!*
    Have a great crafty week, stay safe. Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#19

  14. Yep, you’re the Messy Desk Queen, but there’s so much to peek at! I do really love the cover, colours and patterns of the bits you’ve put aside for the journal! Have fun creating that little beauty!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xx

  15. So glad you mentioned the implied “ex” at the end of your post.
    What a fabulous die that is and how clever to line up the words like that. Difficult?
    Good to see you are getting on with things and the cover of the new accordion book is nigh.
    Take care and don’t overdo it.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  16. The untidy desk looked great to me. I have to do the same when starting a new project and then gradually cut back until I’m satisfied with the stuff I want to use. The Man bites dog is interesting today and will keep an eye on the news Lol! Have a lovely woyww with hugs, Angela x14x

  17. That’s a great die Mary Anne, well done on matching up the sentiments. I’m glad i’m not only one who’s pushed things aside this week. Love that card. Happy WoywW Tracey 9?

  18. That was a very quick sort out. You cleared your desk very quickly. Nicely done. You have some lovely pages finished and you have some beautiful stash, too.

    Loved the MBD. I agree that Dr. Jill would never do such a thing, but the previous one would do it in a heartbeat. Happy WOYWW from # 4.

  19. You are very organised in your projects! I hope your plans come to fruition and look forward to seeing the results. Happy WOYWW Helen#2

  20. Such a useful die Mary Anne great work with printing the matching sentiments! Look forward to seeing the cover of the new accordian book when it’s finished too. Stay safe and happy WOYWW> Sarah #?

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