Junk Journal progress – Menko pocket and more

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Well. I had loads of fun dyeing papers. For most colours, I did a couple of sheets of grid paper, a couple of lined sheets and then five or so plain sheets. Already I can tell I really need many more of the lined and grid sheets, for backing journaling cards, etc. I backed some tags to insert into the Menko card pocket

but clearly those few sheets are not going to last long. Luckily, I discovered that as long as I iron or press the dyed papers well, I can manually feed them thru my printer and add lines or grids easily. The colour is whack in the photo, but they muddy looking one is actually a purple on pale lavender dyed paper.

I might give a pale grey a go next time, so the lines blend in a bit more, although I do like them high-contrast too. I love the aqua-on-lime a lot.

I’ve dragged out a lot of stuff, some from the collage fodder bin, some from the scrapbook-embellishment boxes, some from my arty-samples drawers. Just LOTS of colourful stuff.

I keep finding little gems in there. Those cardstock folders were so cute, I decided to use the pieces as templates and cut my own

A couple of samples where I was playing around with a mix of matt medium, Pearl-ex, and some inks to make a mix I could then stamp with got turned into long journaling spots – backed with lined paper again, so yeah, I am burning thru it like mad!

Those bits became a cute pocket on one of the pages

That little saintly monkey has been in my collage stash for AGES. Glad to finally use him!

More JJ tomorrow, and with a WOYWW twist!

One thought on “Junk Journal progress – Menko pocket and more

  1. Your imagination just soars doesn`t it?Great job!!!

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