Paper dyeing for Junk Journals

I shared my no-sew junk journal, made from scraps, yesterday, but another project I have been working on is dyeing some paper for another, more traditional sewn signature junk journal. My plan is for this to have a combo of dyed papers and scrapbook papers. The dyeing part wass mostly prompted by finding this little stash of dyes (how old are THEY?) saved complete with the actual instructions.

They actually work almost too well! Really, it needs only a brief dip into the dye they laying out to dry to get pretty vibrant colours. And I am able to save the leftovers to either dilute and dye more paper in a paler hue or combine.

I have been using the wrong sort of container for the dipping, I think.

It works OK, but really slightly too small for A4 paper. I had The Hubster check out Costco for large, flat food prep tins over the weekend but no luck. I have another idea, a spare broiler pan from a long-ago oven, but it is dark, so hard to see into. I have a few ideas to expand this, maybe using some of the things I use to dye yarn (KoolAid, Wiltons cake frosting dyes, etc) like I used for these skeins of sock yarn

I am most interested to see if the black will break like it does in the crockpot. As it will never need to be washed, paper dyeing might actually be easier that yarn dyeing – the colourfastness won’t be so much of an issue. What is an issue is the weather! I can only dye one colour at a time and only about 6-8 sheets, due to drying space in my craft room. If I had done this on a sunny day (not always a given in the UK, even in the summer!) then I could have dyed all of the colours and left them drying on various outside tables. Ah well….. I still have Blue Reef, Coral and Hibiscus left, then if I want, various combos. I’d like to get a purple, and there are at least two other things I want to see if I can dye. Then, having created MORE paper, I will have to use it! Oh dear.