A Card A Day – week one


Part TWO!

Two Twofers. I really really love the first pair.

Thursday and Friday:

I have so many scraps, most of my cards will tend to be made from patterned paper and cardstock so I can use it up! The first one is a really common design with paper strips with the addition of a large embossing folder:

I think this looks fab! Because the cardfront was separate the inside of the card is pristine. I went to the scrap bin for a colour match and used a printable sentiment that I made ages ago, but maybe didn’t share cause I sure can’t find them!

I left the debris on my desk and the next day I decided to try another version of the same technique. This time I built the strips on the card front directly and used a different embossing folder. I also played about with the sentiment strips I had cut before making my extended plates for the Sidekick.

In the end I decided the black was bolder and I prefered it – this is def. a trick I will use again! I love the text over the strips.

Saturday and Sunday:

This time I went to a small paper pad that had some scraps tucked inside and some embossing tools I unearthed:

The final card:

Again, with the scraps on my desk I made this one:

I used a couple of elements from a cut-apart sheet that had bits cut from it already as well as the scraps from the previous day.

Might do just six cards a week so I don’t have to make a card before I can share the Sunday post!

2 thoughts on “A Card A Day – week one

  1. I really love your cards, the embossing makes it look like the paper came that way and wasn’t pieced. I love piecing paper strips etc. I hate to waste any paper. I’m going to try your idea too. Thank you so much for trying to help me figure out how to use my die and make my own text boxes. I really appreciate it. I’m not as computer savy as you, but maybe I can do the simple trial and error version till I get it right. I don’t have any programs on my computer that you mentioned, but I do have PhotoShop Elements. Do you think that would work. I need a PhotoShop for Dummies book. Thanks again for your inspiration and help ! Iris,SavedbyGrace

  2. Another fine day’s work, great selection.
    I saw a card where vellum strip was added to the diagonal strips……. just saying.
    The sloping words work really well on the slimline card.

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