Creating my own printable sentiments for sentiment dies


I originally planned to add some junk journal stuff today but when something I ordered came early I had to take some time out to see if I could do the thing I planned when I ordered them – and I did! Yippee!

I ordered a set of stamps with the matching die from Amazon. The brand was one I had never heard of, Alinacutle, and it was more the die than the stamps that I wanted. I like the one set OK, maybe a little heavy on the !!!s, but the other one is just not to my taste at ALL. There are only a couple of them that I think I would use.

For me, the ones on the left are just not appealing fonts. The ones on the right are…usable. They come with a die that cuts all of the sentiments in one go. That was the driver for the purchase. It took a bit of fiddling to create a template of the open areas of the die but I did it.

By scanning the empty die, backed by black cardstock, running the resulting image thru an SVG convertor, cleaning up the bits of edging that were part of the scan (although I thought of a better way to do this that will let me skip that step) and sizing it to match exactly the size of the die (with no scaling allowed by the printer!) then making the blocks light, locking them in place and overlaying and centering the text I wanted in them…

… then copying just the text and the placement dots to a new file, I could print my own sentiments in the font I wanted, in any colour, on any card, then cut them out.

I am pretty happy with them. And because I did the work to create the template, I can just plug in any sentiment, any font, at any time. I can create longer ones by using multiple spaces, I could do two line sentiments, I could make the white writing on a black or a coloured background. The only thing I can’t do is emboss them. I can live without that. I have been DYING to see if this was possible and super excited is was. I ordered another die ages ago from Wish, a banner version, so with this one and that one, I think I will have all I need.

I am super tempted to just keep making these, but I will move on to my junk journal tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Creating my own printable sentiments for sentiment dies

  1. This is so efficient…

  2. Such a great idea ! I have a similar die and have wondered how I could make my own sentiments to use with the die. I have no idea how to do it. Will you be doing a tutorial or can you suggest where I could find one? I had photocopied my die and was kind of stumped as how to proceed from there. You really have created a great way to use those kind of dies. I bet there’s lots of us who would love to use our own sentiments and personalize our projects in the same way . Thanks so much for sharing your idea. You’ve been coming to my email for quite some time πŸ™‚ Iris,SavedbyGrace

    • Iris, I wish I could say it was easy. It isn’t. I use a really weird program for the Mac called Intaglio. I know it pretty well, but I have no idea how you might be able to do this with other programs! The biggest issue is scanning the die to get it the exact size. Mine is 4.06 inches x 5.9375 inches. Yeah. I know. Then getting the SVG converted in such a way that you can get all the little boxes as individual elements so things can be “aligned” inside (so I have to click on each bit of text and each box then center the text in the box WHILE THE BOX IS LOCKED so it doesn’t move out of the alignment of the box in the die. Does that make sense? And once you make the file of sentiments and save it you have to be vigilant that your printer won’t scale the image (mine seems to like 103% for some unknown reason!) when you print it. Anyway, the point is without the exact tools I have a tutorial will be a bit useless. If you had the EXACT die, well then what I made might help. Any other die might be totally off. Sorry it isn’t better news 😦

  3. You are clever. I think I understood it.

  4. Sooooo clever !!!

  5. That’s an amazing piece of work!! I think I followed it the end result. ….. wow! Worth all the trouble methinks. Well done

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