WOYWW 627 – no-sew Junk Journal and finally the MBD cards


Happy WOYWW ya’ll! Blimey, it has been a week. My head, and my crafting has really been very much all over the place. I am sad to say my papers are still in a muddle, because I have skipped off, tra la la, back into actually making things. It always happens. I am determined I WILL finish, I just have to claw back a little more time. With my daughter back in school this week, hopefully the time will be there.

First, I received a couple more ATCs: Julia’s and my official swap partner Robyn’s (from Iowa!)

Both came with lovely extras (card, post card & decorated envelope) so truly happy mail!

First, my desk (snapped Tuesday at the end of a crafty day)

and then a bit about what led up to that! I have been dithering about finding a way to use up my scraps and/or my 12×12 papers and saw a You Tube video about a no-sew Junk Journal, where you take scraps and build an accordion. Seemed easy and I had a lot of scraps:

I basically grabbed a pile of scrapbook paper scraps, my drawer of arty samples, where I tested out techniques and the results never got used. I sorted them into loose groups, then built the l o n g accordion. Double sided, plenty of room to do whatever on it:

I do like the riot of colour and am sure it will be fun to work in, somehow. The little pile leftover in the first photo of my mostly clean desk was all that was left. I could pobably wedge those bits in if I really wanted too, and may still if I find any page is a little on the thin side, but we’ll see.

Now, for WEEKS I have said to Kyla I would remember to share my Man Bites Dog cards and FINALLY I have – a great headline!

I had to count and found yes, the set is complete, and a bargain at £1 in the charity shop. So all that is left is desk-hopping all day! I missed out a few last week, in all the craziness, but back to visiting every desk if I can manage it this week. I do love my weekly jolt of inspiration!

Oh and just a heads up – I really am doing my A Card A Day challenge (only challenging myself!) but sharing on the weekend days. I am planning on adding a click in the top menu (which you may or may not see, depending on how you read my blog) to collect them together. Otherwise, scroll back to Saturday and Sunday each week to see what I have been up to!

Happy Desk Hopping!

26 thoughts on “WOYWW 627 – no-sew Junk Journal and finally the MBD cards

  1. I had to skip the ATC swap this year but am determined to join again in 2022, it’s always a feast to receive ATCs and happy mail back isn’t it?! I love that little accordeon booklet, I made quite a few but haven’t been at it for years, I might pick it up again as my atelier is filled with paper scraps! Big hug to you beautiful one, love from Holland. Marit #20 (P.S. Cataract surgery went very well, I am in the healing mode right now but am able to spend some time at the computer… and I can SEE well, yay!!! )

  2. Ooh some lovely creations and fabulous MBD woo hoo!!!

  3. Hiya – just a quick pop by to say Hi – I am – like every one seems to be “flat out like a lizard drinkin” to use an Aussie expression LOL!
    Gorgeous stuff on your desk – Have a great week – Stay safe & well – Cheers Maurs xxx #35

  4. Maybe I should put my ICAD’s into an accordion…Yours seems such a good idea…

    But…thank you so much for my packet received today! A super ATC and dear little postcard in a lovely folder – all in a lovely envelope!
    I am delighted!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #21

  5. Hello Ms New Haircut – feel better? I need to book my next one (2nd) or I won’t see where I am going with my fringe.
    Wow, that is one heck of a big concertina book – are you putting something on each page? Or leaving them as a riot of colour? Either way it will look good. I just love making books but I mainly just do them for me or a friend who I know likes them. In fact we often make one for one another, I made one for a lady not long ago, was quite pleased with it (it was all flower stamps) and she asked “what do i do with it?” I felt like replying but remained silent – and I am sure you know where my mind went to!!
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  6. I love accordion books, Mary Anne, and yours looks so bright and cheerful! It’s a delight. You certainly are very productive! Thank you for your lovely comment and kind words. A positive attitude helps in spades – everyone confirmed this to me the last time around. I’m glad you enjoyed the sweet potato info – they are yummy, aren’t they!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #9

  7. Was the tutorial by Meg? I have been thinking – yes, I know, always thinking! About doing an accordion with my index cards. I quite like the tape method for binding pages, but I do like the idea of a long collage strip accordion fashion. Happy WOYWW Angela #12

  8. Ooh – and yes please to a couple of those stamped images – I do have something in mind! Please may I ask that you stamp them with something waterproof, that will take glossy accents and ink? I have ideas….

  9. Nicely done on the charity shop find – and yes, great headline!

    The colourful accordion book is lovely – I’d never know what to do with it after all that, though. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Morti x

  10. Your “riot of colour” certainly makes a fab accordion book.! xx Jo

  11. Your accordion book looks wonderful! A riot of colour is exactly what it is and it’s always so much fun working with scraps! I can’t believe you’re embarking on a card a day project so soon after your 100-day project! It’s good to challenge ourselves though – I need these challenges to keep myself motivated and I have never regretted taking part! Have fun! xx zsuzsa #28

  12. Morning!! Love the colour you bring to all you do!. It brightens my day, I usually dip in to see what done (via having an email…)and you make me dizzy! Did my atc’s arrive \i know I posted late coz, silly me didn;t think to look on the back of the envelope for your addy! But luckily I loved that so much (The envelope that is) I put in my ‘keep’ box and that was the last place I looked! I too had to enlarge your accordion folder thingy! Stay safe, keep crafting! Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #26

    • It definitely has a cartoon of spyder on the back so yes. It wasn’t one of the nine that got left in the post box for two nights! it was send ‘alone’ catching the first post. I’ll send another one!

  13. Love the look of the accordion book! I’ve definitely got a lot of stuff that I could make one with… ahem… I never know what to do with them though so I shall keep a look out for what you do with yours. I keep meaning to do a more comprehensive look at your blog too as I’m sure I’d get more inspiration looking through the non WOYWW posts as well as my weekly visit! Bye for now, Lisa-Jane, #8

  14. Hi Mary Anne, that’s a great way to use up the scrap bits and I surely need any ideas I can find as I’m getting a bit fed up of making them into cards for sure. Love the Man Bites dog today too. Have a lovely creative woyww. Hugs Angela x17x

  15. Great way to use up the scraps!
    Congrats on making top of the list!
    Have a good day
    Christine #24

  16. That accordion book is a fab way to use up the scraps, I do love the multi colouredness of it all!! You inspired me with all your sorting out, I’ve done and put everything back now, was determined not to get distracted!!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  17. That’s a great way to use up and display those scraps Mary Anne, I tend to glue mine down in journals but some do escape. Have fun decorating them, they will make super little keepsakes to look back on. The sorting out part of life is never ending, i’d rather be crafting any day of the week. Happy WoywW Tracey 13 x

  18. Lots of things you have made on your desk Love the accordion book,

    Take care and sty safe,

  19. Morning Mary Anne. I love the riot of colour in that accordion book to. So tell me, did you make the book then add the scraps? I too have a mountain, I could probably do that a 100 times and still not have made a dent. I was very proud of myself when doing the foiling yesterday though – I put the waste IN THE BIN. I know you can use it to me make a foiled background but why would I? Not my style at all. (Oh no, just had ‘I wonder what would happen if thought…..) But I digress, great MBD headline. And there will never be enough time. What gets done gets done. Have a great week, love n hugs Cindyxx #7

  20. I got caught up looking for your card a day. They were great. Both were a great start. Then I had to enlarge your accordion book. Lovely indeed. It really IS a great way to get rid of your scraps. Love those ATCs, too. Happy WOYWW from # 3.

  21. I LOVE your accordion book! what fun it will be to add to. much better than sorting papers in my view, lol! Great to still be receiving atcs too! Have a good week Happy WOYWW Helen #2

    • Wow, that accordion book is wonderful. I have no idea what I’d do with one, but am totally sold on how well it uses up unused papers. Meanwhile, glad that you’ve been back in creating mode, however sporadically, am pretty sure it’s better for you than the tidying. Although, I do understand the ‘afterglow’ of a good tidy and re-org, it can motivate for weeks and weeks!

  22. Good to see your MBD headline Mary Anne. Love the start of the junk journal – a great way to use up scraps indeed. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

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