WOYWW 627 – no-sew Junk Journal and finally the MBD cards

Happy WOYWW ya’ll! Blimey, it has been a week. My head, and my crafting has really been very much all over the place. I am sad to say my papers are still in a muddle, because I have skipped off, tra la la, back into actually making things. It always happens. I am determined I WILL finish, I just have to claw back a little more time. With my daughter back in school this week, hopefully the time will be there.

First, I received a couple more ATCs: Julia’s and my official swap partner Robyn’s (from Iowa!)

Both came with lovely extras (card, post card & decorated envelope) so truly happy mail!

First, my desk (snapped Tuesday at the end of a crafty day)

and then a bit about what led up to that! I have been dithering about finding a way to use up my scraps and/or my 12×12 papers and saw a You Tube video about a no-sew Junk Journal, where you take scraps and build an accordion. Seemed easy and I had a lot of scraps:

I basically grabbed a pile of scrapbook paper scraps, my drawer of arty samples, where I tested out techniques and the results never got used. I sorted them into loose groups, then built the l o n g accordion. Double sided, plenty of room to do whatever on it:

I do like the riot of colour and am sure it will be fun to work in, somehow. The little pile leftover in the first photo of my mostly clean desk was all that was left. I could pobably wedge those bits in if I really wanted too, and may still if I find any page is a little on the thin side, but we’ll see.

Now, for WEEKS I have said to Kyla I would remember to share my Man Bites Dog cards and FINALLY I have – a great headline!

I had to count and found yes, the set is complete, and a bargain at £1 in the charity shop. So all that is left is desk-hopping all day! I missed out a few last week, in all the craziness, but back to visiting every desk if I can manage it this week. I do love my weekly jolt of inspiration!

Oh and just a heads up – I really am doing my A Card A Day challenge (only challenging myself!) but sharing on the weekend days. I am planning on adding a click in the top menu (which you may or may not see, depending on how you read my blog) to collect them together. Otherwise, scroll back to Saturday and Sunday each week to see what I have been up to!

Happy Desk Hopping!