2021-2022 DIY CD style calendar, by request

Yeah, well I did day I was a bit all over the place lately. I had a request for a calendar that I made, I think, only once in 2013. I did the small “diy” calendars, where you could decorate the top and make a 3×4 Project Life sized card many times, but not really the CD sized ones. Funnily enough I made a 2021 version kinda in error, not taking on board the fact that it was CD sized ill I finished it. I guess I was a bit distracted LOL! It looks like this:

As you can see, there is a blank area to decorate at the top, just like the smaller ones, although there is maybe less area, proportionally, than on the smaller cards. Once again, that same sample shot:

Lots of option, from simple strips of pretty paper, to carefully built collages, to use-your-washi versions, as well as stamping and gel printing.

As I had the 2021 version done, it is easy enough to create the 2022 version. Not going to bore you with another sample shot, as the design is identical to the 2021 version above. So here they are.

2021 DIY CD-sized calendars

2022 DIY CD-sized calendars