A Card A Day? Try Six!

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You may recall that I did the LifeBook taster sessions and one that I really liked was a set of twinchies. I think they turned out quite cute and always thought I might turn them into little cards. I found a small stack of small envelopes with no cards in my tidy so figured now was the time.

The small envelopes were just 3″ square, and that was just the right size to fit those 2.5″ strips of cardstock I found. Cut in half and folded, each length made two cards. Result!

I went with a tone-on-tone colourway and used another teeny label die to cut some printed sentiments – the old die was from a larger one and I snipped it so I had just the label part (which fit the Sidekick) on it’s own. As it was a solid die, getting the placement of the die right was tricky, until I had the idea to use the waste from my first one to alight the die for the rest of them. Worked a treat, combined with a tiny bit of painter’s tape.

The die sort of “locks in” to the waste piece and cuts fine even with it in place. The card were sort of girly in pink and purple, with the blue and green ones more on the masculine spectrum.

and a little bling on the envelopes. I made eight cards but only had six of the envelopes. Good thing I also found a quite small envelope template too! More on THAT for my next junk journal post.

So now my Happy Birthday (female) card bin has at least a few cards in it….

I find my daughter needs Thank You cards too for tomorrow and she needs three. I only HAVE three ready! Oh dear….timely, this card-a-day thing, right?

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