Junk Journal investigations – a unique pocket


I have been looking for something to do that allows me to journal with writing, and something I can use up patterned paper stash. I have seen a plethora of junk journal things, but not like I thought of junk journals. I called my bus schedule leaflet that I built art journal pages on a junk journal but I now find there is a whole other way of looking at it. It seems equally to be using actual junk (junk mail, old boxes, paper ephemera like those leaflets or magazine inserts, etc) as it is using printed digital papers designed especially for so-called junk journals. In this case it probably is more accurate to say eclectic journals as it really isn’t junk when you hand dye new paper with tea bags to make them look like junk, IYKWIM.

So with this in mind, while sorting thru my papers (and no, they still are in no share-able state) I set aside everything that seemed vintage. Cause most of the junk journals I saw were, indeed, as Julia Of WOYWW fame would say, “50 shades of wee wee.” Don’t get me wrong – I have been thru vintage phases, many times, and there is a lot that is appealing there. But I have far more bright and colourful papers that I like so I kinda lean towards a colourful junk journal. Fewer of them out there, although I did see one I quite liked and it sparked an idea for another day. So let me get on to the title item – a pocket that I have not seen in my travels across the internet. It is based on a Japanese game called Menko. Feel free to google it. The game is not important. I also found the most incredible stash of origami papers while tidying so that was on my mind anyway. Here is my sample, folded with double sided scrapbook papers, although you will see the double-sidedness matters not at all.

The thing is, junk journal people seem to love pockets and “tuck spots” and this has a ton of them. And how you arrange them is pretty endless.

All the tags were punched with another old thing I rarely use, a tag punch that cuts three different sized tag tops and any length your paper can be – handy! There is also a “belly band” (another new term to me) that is made by the folds so the back can be stuck flat OR made into another belly band in the opposite direction if you like!

Is it clear? You can use the pocket as it is then stick the flat back just along the sides of the pocket to create a belly band with a top-to-bottom pocket. So how do you make one? It could not be simpler. I decided to use a page from a very large dictionary with taller than 12″ pages and a sheet of scrapbook paper. I cut them to 4 inches, and the proportions matter (4′ is 1/3 of 12 inches) so as long as your width is 1/3 of your length, you can make a Menko card.

The way you fold and the order of the folding matters. Start by folding the corners in, like so – both pieces are folded exactly the same:

Make sure the folds are as shown, and that the openings are as shown.

Stack the pieces cross-wise and again, pay attention to the placement of the opening and the folds

Starting with the right hand triangle, fold in, in a clockwise fashion:

The final triangle tucks under the first fold to seal the whole thing into one unit:

The belly band created by the folding is going to be in the direction of the top-to-bottom piece, in this case the dictionary page. Knowing that, you can position your pieces at the beginning as you prefer to get the orientation you want and you can position it on the page as you prefer to get the placement of the tag (or whatever) you want

But remember, if you stick the back down on two opposite sides you will get an additional belly band in the opposite direction OR another one in the same direction. So really, you are looking at as many as six places to tuck or insert tags or journaling spots. Not bad! And I think it is cute as can be. I have another idea I want to have a play with that I think could work nicely with this but have to try it out first.

Tomorrow, I will give the Card-a-Day thing a go and see how I get on. My Card stash (especially for female birthday cards) is low. I lie – not low, non-existant! I have ZERO cards available to me and need to make a few quick ones just in case. I’ll begin with that!

Then we will see about the junk journal idea i have – I think it is going to both use up stuff and kinda extend the whole 100 days project in a way I hope I will like. I know that is super cryptic but I am still mulling it over in my head.

2 thoughts on “Junk Journal investigations – a unique pocket

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