WOYWW 626 – cardmaking stuff sorted


Happy WOYWW, after a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend! Phew. It was a hard slog to get from this:

to what is covering my desk

Actually, my “desk shot” is really a series of shots – the above is at the solid-cardstock-sorted stage and this is at the all-scraps-sorted stage, and where I am today!

There you can see a big box of embellies, two long storage boxes of 12 x whatever strips of patterned paper and one of 12 x 2.5 cardstock strips (plus a handful of shaped-edges in zig-zags and scallops) then the sorted-by-style (dots, stripes, florals, etc) patterned papers and 6×6 paper pads, then another shot of the solid-cardstock sorted by colour – in the front you can see the folder of already diecut or punched shapes. Here are a couple of closer shots:

While it is unlikely to be the final home for card supplies, it does all fit on one shelf!

Truly frugal crafters will blanch at the full bin:

To be fair, that is ALL the recycling, not just scraps. I will NOT be shamed for disposing of paper I feel is too small, too ugly, or too useless to keep because it is stained, crumpled or creased. In my defense, I do feel I saved as much of the scraps as I could. I even took a photo of how I tended to trim things!

My next task. and the one that is giving me the MOST problems, is the patterned 12 x 12 papers:

Oh yeah, and these two boxes that are filled with scrapbook layouts planned – some with all the goods, cardstock, sketch, embellishments, and photos – ready to go.

I’ve done a few warm-up cards at this point but I am of two minds. Yes, the other day I felt like I NEEDED to make something cause two full weeks of endless sorting was getting me down. But I don’t want to get distracted at this point. So time will tell if I begin the A Card A Day effort immediately of if I bore all for a few more days of endless organizing. At the moment I am discovering the whole One-Sheet-Wonder idea of cutting a single sheet of paper to make the most cards from it. Yesterday’s experiment with that single mangled sheet of 12×12 paper and making 5 cards from it, must have alerted Google to my interest and all of a sudden I am seeing the OSW ideas in every Google search that seems even remotely pertinent! But this is now tooooo long so I’ll save that for another day.

Happy WOYWW once again.

17 thoughts on “WOYWW 626 – cardmaking stuff sorted

  1. Ooooh – can you come and help me out when you’re done? 😂 I need an intervention, I think!

    Joking aside, you may have just encouraged me to do something about it all, as I desperately need to tidy it all up and make it easier to find things. I’ve been a bit “shove it where it fits” for the last couple of years!

    Happy WOYWW to you too!

  2. Hi Mary Anne, I have to be honest I’ve been out Lol! We have a friend who is going into hospital soon and our little group of retired teachers just wanted to wish her all the best so we sat and had coffee but I’m back now. I am well impressed with all that organisation, well done. Wishing you a very happy woyww and a lovely week too. Angela x13x

  3. My goodness, Mary Anne, you certainly are beautifully organised! It all looks impressively tidy and wonderful. When you’ve finished, would you like to come and sort out my chaos? Haha! I’ve got a lot of scraps and do like to use them if possible, and ugly papers get transformed with layers of paint/ink. Many years ago I bought a 12×12 pad which was truly awful (can’t think why I bought it!) and I used a huge amount of it, making an album about my mum – the papers came out beautiful after lots of added layers. I hate throwing stuff away, even ugly stuff. Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my beautiful old Bible – there are still people doing beautiful bookbinding but all that leather tooling is quite a lot of work! It’s one of my special treasures. Life does feel a little strange now the kitty throw is finished, and I can’t get used to not having to hide my work all the time! I’m really enjoying the Persian tiles project. Thanks for your good wishes for my health. They phoned me this a.m. and want me to go in tomorrow morning to discuss the biopsy results.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #11

  4. oh well done, your craft space looks lovely and so organised. Sometimes things have to go in the bin, much as I would like to keep/use every little bit, it’s just not that practical to do so all the time, so no shame from here. Elle #27, EOTC Happy WoYWW!

  5. You’ve been really busy!!! I so need to do that to everyting BUT my papers/ cardstock. Those are well organized by company (paper pads), Stampin’ up! (by collection name) 6×6 (filed in a basket by name). I nearly cried when I saw your waste basket. I have started keeping small pieces and pasting them into an old SU catalog to make ‘mat boards’ to be cut up and used in art projects. I do this as soon as I finish a project so those pieces aren’t laying around. This way, all those pieces are contained in one place. I got the idea from a YouTuber. I’ll show my catalog next week. Creative Blessings! Kelly #26

  6. What a great job of sorting out. I tried to visit yesterday when I received your wonderful mail but could not connect to any recent posts….I did send an email. You’ll enjoy what you have accomplished. I ordered 4 of those same tots and love the sizes. Have a great week. Thank you for the lovely ATC

  7. No shame at all for getting rid of unwanted stuff – as long as it goes in the recycling 😊. It is hard getting rid of perfectly good paper just because you don’t like it. I made a load of little books for my sister’s class out of the paper I didn’t want (note to self: don’t buy so much next time!). Happy WOYWW Angela #15

  8. Great sorting! I just love the coloured wallets of papers and I totally agree with you in getting rid of the little fiddly bits. Regarding the 12×12 papers, I store mine in an Ikea magazine holder on the wall, each segment holds a certain colour or category ie: floral or Christmas etc so it’s easier to find them and keep tabs on what I have.
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana xx #18

  9. My word – look at that bin! Mind you I have been known to put in the bin then take out again to use…
    Excellent sorting though!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #17

  10. Your sort boxes make me soooo happy, I do love it when things are in order! I’ve long gone past the stage of keeping every scrap, life really is too short and let’s face it, you know what you’ll use in the future! Hope you have some more crafty time using your beautifully arranged stash!
    Hugs LLJ 3 xx

  11. Hi Mary Anne your post reminds me £ desperately need a good sort out.. love the way you do colour coded snippets, I do that too.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  12. Oh well done Mary Anne and good luck with the 12″ x 12″ sorting. My scraps sit in a box under the desk where they can be wheeled out if necessary. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #14 (I had a lie in for the holidays).

  13. Hi Mary Ann – I did a card a day years back – it got to be stressful – and what to do with all those cards – I did end up giving a lot to the armed forces for them to use.. And I used to scrapbook a lot too – I have albums full of gorgeous layouts but no-one gets to see them – oh well – I am now aiming to use dies I have had for ages and not used – and trying to stop buying stuff LOL – as if…
    Have a great week – Stay safe & well – Cheers Maurs xxx #12

  14. As you know, I haven’t made much for a while now and am not feeling too vexed by it. I’m definitely the type to spend a day at the desk rather than do the cards a day type thing. Mind you, sometimes those two things amount to the same thing! I’m certainly with you on the size of your recycling scraps, I don’t keep much that’s under about a6 unless I really like it or have just used it on something I’m so pleased with I intend to repeat it! There has to be a line in the sand or we’d be overwhelmed!

  15. Your doing a fantastic job of sorting, you will feel so good when your hard work is done. Every scrap salvaged is precious to us crafters but I agree we just can not keep everything. Tracey #5

  16. I do just that! Trim pieces that have been in the die cutter then I save them and never use them – or so I thought! Yesterday I actually stamped on lots of bits of card. You know the “Housewives” from JK? They went on strips”!!
    Good to see you have had such a wonderful tidy up, I wonder how long it will stay that way? Hope it lasts, mine did (still is).
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  17. What a lot of hard work! I couldn’t think to begin to organise scraps – but that’s why they’re all stuffed in a carrier bag in the other room forgotten! Have a good week and good luck with the rest of the organising. Helen#1

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