A couple more unfinished minis


This one I actually describe how to make on an old blog post here. It’s from 2013 so not as old as the ones from yesterday. I still really like to construction and it is a great structure for many small photos or to display a poem pr something like that. Might make a more substantial Wedding card, perhaps. Anyway, here is is, still bare as the day I made it…

I obviously planned to finish it, so kept it in a bag with all the other bits I had selected. I kinda think this might have been about when my beloved HiTi dye-sub printer died and printing photos at home became impossible. I loved the way it looks from the top, a bit like an arrow!

Pretty papers, too. The next one was SUCH a good idea and would make a lovely book for future generations to look over. I want to say this was destined for a Scrapbook Inspirations article but can’t be sure. Makes sense, tho’ cause I can’t find a place I shared it on my blog. I called it The Story Behind The Bad Photos and I wish I had captured those stories before time ate away my memory. I do remember some of them, but not all. I need to see if that missing S is in the bag someplace!

You can see the journaling spots that sit in the pocket behind the photo pages. I also have a handful of small photos that I planned to add to future pages.

Yep. That’s my daughter, always mugging for the camera.

A couple more things tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “A couple more unfinished minis

  1. Sorry, if I had checked I would have seen they were different. X Angela

  2. I like the mini on the 27/7 and the one on the 28/5 2013. Was the 27/7 a variation of the 28/5?. At the moment I am thinking of using the mini cereal boxes my husband has been having. The “spine” would be 1 1/2 inches, I am thinking that is too wide f0r a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 book. I spend far too long deciding instead of doing! X Angela

    • Nope, not really linked at all. VERY different construction! Sometimes a really FAT spine works very well.As it is just cereal boxes, you can totally afford to try it and see what happens and not use up precious supplies! JUST DO IT 😀

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